Day 17 – The Prodigals Take a Picture!

Good afternoon from hot, sticky Brunswick!   Three trips wrapped up today in Freeport with group hugs and lots of smiles.

Day 16 – Salutations on a Sunny Sunday!

It’s been a sunny sunny day in Brunswick, Maine, and we have equally sunny updates from out in the field today!   As the busy Apogee season continues, Mia here as guest blogger once again.   Trips are wrapping up while others are beginning, and here comes the news:

Day 15 – They’re Gr-r-r-eat!

Hello dear Apogee Blog readers! As being a guest blogger is turning into tradition, it is Mike here that gets to bring you today’s exciting events! I got to hear from everyone on trip today, and They’re Gr-r-r-eat! The wide world of Apogee had a busy Saturday, so lets get down to it…

Day 14 – Full Steam Ahead!

With adventures ending, beginning and continuing, the transition period continues today in the Apogee realm!