Day 5 – Funny Hats

Your humble scribe was struggling with whether to call today’s entry “Backlit Photos” or “Funny Hats,” because of the number of pictures that featured one or the other.  I went with

Day 4 – A Tale of Two Coasts

Friends, it was a good day in field for all twelve currently running trips!

Lots of pictures below, but a note or two

Day 3 – Broader Smiles

Three more trips started this afternoon, Faithful Blog Readers.  We are now fully committed, with twelve trips in the field all over the world.  Today was Maine’s day to shine as

Day 2 – Games Played in Circles

After a nice little warmup with yesterday’s two trips starting — we are now fully engaged.   Seven more trips started today and the awkward name games were played across nine time zones!   Trips were started successfully in Puerto Rico, Italy, Montana, Oregon and Vermont today.   With the exception of some hijinks and… Read more »