Day 21 – Tears in the West

This, Dear Reader, will likely be the shortest blog entry of the entire summer.   Through a fluke of scheduling, we have only four trips in the field tonight — it will all change

Day 20 – Back in the Saddle!

Alright, alright, Dear Blog Reader — for better or worse, I am back in the saddle again after spending several very eventful days away from the computer screen.   With many, many

Day 19 – Transitions

We’ve got a bunch of trips wrapping up in the next few days, and three that finished their riding today! After quite a hiatus, the cheesemaster Chad will be back tomorrow for your blog-reading entertainment.   Here’s the news:

Day 18 – Coconut Cream Pie

Day 18 already!   8 trips in the field, and photos from all!   It’s been a quiet, quiet day in the office, everything is humming along.   No hokey jokes for you today, because it’s guest bloggers Mia and Kevin