Day 7 – Red, White, and Apogee

Pausing briefly to reflect on this Friday before the Fourth, it’s quite a thought to think that little Apogee has trips spanning the U.S. — between Boston, Georgia, Montana, Maine and Puerto Rico, if we aren’t red, white, and blue, I don’t know who is! Lots of good reports in from the field today.

Day 6 – Good Times Had By All

Another beautiful day in Maine and over the hill and dale of the Fiefdom of Apogee! Nick, our twice-over leader of the Coast to Coast trip, called in before two this afternoon to let us know that they had cruised through over eighty miles to get in to La Grange, Georgia well ahead of schedule. The group is enjoying the many warm, welcoming people they’re meeting along their route, and really looking forward to their first day off of their bikes tomorrow. Cait sent in the below shot of the gang posing patriotically (it is almost the 4th, after all) in Barnesville, Georgia.

Day Five – Part II – More Smooth Sailing, Etc.

In Puerto Rico, it was a hectic travel day as both of our groups navigated (successfully) the frenzied Fajardo ferry terminal and headed over to Vieques. Lidia sent in the shot of the stressful conditions at their new island digs.

Day Five – Part I – Smooth Sailing (or hiking, biking or ferrying, as it were)

Days like today, Dear Readers, are why we do this! Though I would love to say otherwise, given the nature of our business, we can’t always report clear sailing.

Today, however, is one of those wonderful days — sparkling Maine summer weather here in Brunswick, and tranquility in the field! What more could a director ask for?