Day 31 – All That and a Bag of Chips

So as you may have noticed from the blog a few days ago, the hijinks and shenanigans aren’t just happening out on trips, but we tend to enjoy them here in Brunswick as well!


Day 30 – Pixels, Pixels Everywhere!

Friends, the haze has lifted, the temperatures have dropped, and Brunswick, Maine’s brief, but painful, “Vacation in Somalia” appears to over.   Hallelujah!   I certainly

Day 29 – 25 Trip Starts

How about a virtual round of applause for Chad’s blog entry yesterday and for Mike’s clever prank on Chad (for details see   It certainly gave more than a few of us here at the office a chuckle.

Could it really be July 23rd?   The summer has absolutely flown by.   Today marks the 25th and last trip start (CI3) of our 2011 Apogee season.

Day 28 – Jumping Pictures – Oh Yeah!

Dear Reader, careful readers of the blog will know that yours truly is not particularly a fan of the famed (or infamous, depending on your perspective) Jumping Picture — seemingly ubiquitous