Apogee Bike Jerseys for Sale!!

Happy Spring to all!   Flowers are starting to bloom here in Maine, trees are slowly showing their buds, and warmer weather is on the rise.   Only 2 ½ months to summer!

Again in 2012 we’re making our sharp looking, blue Apogee Bike Jerseys available for purchase to students and families.   The cost of an Apogee jersey is $70, and it includes shipping.    The jerseys are modeled here by some members of our past Tuscan Service Adventure and…

January Updates – The Road Show, Bennies, and the Best Non-Tote Bag Ever!

Well, hello there, Wide World of Apogee!   Warm tidings of the New Year to you all — your humble Apogee directors hope that your 2012 is off to an outstanding start.   As it is early January, it’s resolution time — but I’ll leave you those to you.   Up here,

Hoodie Time – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Mmm-mmm-mm — I can see it now… A warm fire crackling, snow gently falling outside, a steamy waft of nutmeg and cinnamon rising from the hot eggnog, and all of this enjoyed from within the soft, warm confines of an official  Apogee “Leader Gear” Hoodie!    That’s

News, News, News!

Fall greetings, faithful blog readers!     The leaves are changing up here in Maine, and it’s apparent that Old Man Winter isn’t far away.   But despite the colder temperatures, this time of year is treasured at Apogee HQ.   It’s a busy time of year — but we love the opportunity to reflect on the past summer as we focus on…