Leader Profile – Hannah Gensheimer

Given the caliber of leaders that we attract, it is not unusual to have a seasoned camp counselor join us.   It is not usual at all, however, to have a camp  founder on staff.   But that

Leader Profile – Anna Hager

It is a rare person indeed who has paddled past the caribou on the shores of the Quoich River in distant Nunavut, Canada.   And even more rare is the young perso

Leader Profile – Josh Cutler


He grew up in Uganda and Eritrea, he calls the shores of Lake Geneva home, he attended high school in Wales, and he is currently a student at

Our 2011 Maine-Made Contest Winner – Brendan Cyr!


Apogee is very lucky to be based in the Great State of Maine.   A very big state by East Coast standards, Maine is home to so many outstanding outdoor opportunities and the folks who love to cycle, hike, ski, fish, hunt, paddle and climb throughout