Day Four – Part 1 – Good Snapshots


Lots of good snap shots coming in from the field today, my fellow Apogee-aniacs!

Getting right to it, our Vermonsters, Drew, Rachel and Co. — sent in the below pics of a post-hike game of Frisbee-500 in the summer-warm waters of Emerald Lake. Below that is a shot of the action during a fierce watermelon-eating contest. They head into the backcountry tomorrow and will spend five days on the Long Trail — we’ll catch up with them on the other side!

Day Three – Moving Parts!

Lots of moving parts today, Dear Blog Readers!

First, a quick update from our intrepid coast-to-coasters. Nick, Cait & Co. veritably sailed into Walterboro, South Carolina last night. Nick, who as you may recall is leading the trip for the second time, noted that they made it in a full two hours ahead of the same day last year. Cait reported high spirits as the group crossed into Georgia today and asked that we specifically thank Ann and her crew at the Georgia Welcome Center for their hospitality and the highly appreciated freeze pops they distributed to the group. One state down – eight to go. It’s all downhill from here, right?

Day Two – Part II – World Domination Continues

Out west, Rachel and Sam’s group was a just a couple miles outside of Townsend when they checked in. Sam sent this somewhat dark, somewhat arty candid of the group getting going this morning. It’s bit grainy, but that is Montana’s beautiful Front Range in the background.

Day Two – World Domination


Just back from the start of our Coast to Quebec trips, I’m very happy to tell you that we have ten trips in the field right now — which, for us, is a full slate. Apogee groups are putting away many pounds of macaroni and cheese tonight, my friends! It’s all a part of our “World Domination Through Hiking, Bicycling and Community Service” Plan.