Day 34 – Fond Farewell

So this Saturday, yours truly (Kevin) is catching an early morning flight to San Diego. I’ll be slinging loads of water and salty snacks to our ACC group as they cross a particularly hot and dry part of the country — the Mojave Dessert. I’ll also stick around to watch the group reach the Pacific Ocean in San Diego next Wednesday. It’s a pretty cool/inspiring/wonderful thing to witness. 6 weeks of hard work, hot temperatures, and long days ending with an adrenaline fueled run into the warm waters of southern California…

Day 33 – The Hour Draws Nigh

We’re coming to the tail end of the summer, Devoted Reader. In fact, one set of fearless leaders, Drew and Rachel, currently of Downeast Explorer fame, will be wrapping it up for the year when DEX concludes in Freeport tomorrow. O, how bittersweet is the passing of time! But beauty would not beauty be if beauty did not fade, right? Indeed.

Day 32 – Part 2 – Return of the Cornball!

And just to the West — our New England Mountains and Coast folks crushed the highest, nastiest mountain in the Northeast today, roaring up and down Mt. Washington in near-record time. They sent in this shot from the summit — it may be sweltering at home in New Jersey, but it was a winter hat morning on the summit, with a fierce wind blowing and temps in the 40s.

Day 32 – Part 1 – Return of the Cornball!

Well, then. After several days of celebrity guest bloggers, you’ve got boring old Chad steering the mighty Apogee Blog this afternoon. Advance apologies are in order for a return to corny jokes, bad puns and half-expressed thoughts!