Day Five – Part II – More Smooth Sailing, Etc.

In Puerto Rico, it was a hectic travel day as both of our groups navigated (successfully) the frenzied Fajardo ferry terminal and headed over to Vieques. Lidia sent in the shot of the stressful conditions at their new island digs.

Day Five – Part I – Smooth Sailing (or hiking, biking or ferrying, as it were)

Days like today, Dear Readers, are why we do this! Though I would love to say otherwise, given the nature of our business, we can’t always report clear sailing.

Today, however, is one of those wonderful days — sparkling Maine summer weather here in Brunswick, and tranquility in the field! What more could a director ask for?

Day Four – Part 2 – And … More Good Snapshots

Wyatt and Chrissy’s Cape group rolled through Orleans today, sounding good and looking forward to a round of mini-golf after today’s bicycling was done. [As an aside, with a shout-out to our great parents, and a small dose of self-promotion — we received a great comment from their surfing instructor. He told Kevin today, “I don’t know where you get your kids, but year after year they are fantastic. They are always polite and always super enthusiastic.” Huzzah, Apogee families!] Lucas and Danika are out on Nantucket for a second night, and absolutely crushed a 38-mile challenge ride around the island! And then they sent in the below picture that made it all look so very easy…

Day Four – Part 1 – Good Snapshots


Lots of good snap shots coming in from the field today, my fellow Apogee-aniacs!

Getting right to it, our Vermonsters, Drew, Rachel and Co. — sent in the below pics of a post-hike game of Frisbee-500 in the summer-warm waters of Emerald Lake. Below that is a shot of the action during a fierce watermelon-eating contest. They head into the backcountry tomorrow and will spend five days on the Long Trail — we’ll catch up with them on the other side!