Day 23 – The Quiet

As the father of a 3 and 1 year old, there’s not a lot of quiet or down time at our house right now. Diapers need to be changed, books need to be read, baths need to be drawn, hungry boys need to be fed… It’s busy to say the least. And when I get to the office these days, the pace typically doesn’t slacken. Trips starting, trips ending, correspondence with parents and leaders, paperwork to be copied and completed…you get the picture. So when I have a day like today, where the phone barely rings and email just trickles in…I’m not going to lie…it’s pretty nice.

Day 22 – Around the Horn


Another busy day around the Apogee horn, friends. No trip starts today, but all sorts of movement around these United States related to our humble trips. To the field!

Day 21 – The Cheese Factor

Well, Dear Reader, my “desh-tiny” line from yesterday fell a little flat at home — my wife has threatened to move out unless I tone down the cheese factor in this blog. What’s that bumper sticker? “Man, I’m gonna miss her” — or something like that? Because cheese, friends, is the only thing I know how to do — it got me through college, dang it (I once wrote a ten-page paper in a religion course about an imaginary frog — and got an “A,” thank you very much…). Alright, enough about me, let’s get to it.

Day 20 – Deshtiny Calls!

Another day, another destiny. So sings Jean Valjean (actually when he sings it on my parents’ recording, it sounds much more like “another day, another desh-tiny…”). And indeed, here in the Intergalactic HQ, those words ring true every day during the summer.