Day 30 – A Day of Pictures – Part 2

Some of Sam and Rachel’s PC group enjoyed a game of Ninja (never heard of it before…) during a quick break yesterday. The group is actually surfing today in Crescent City, CA.

Day 30 – A Day of Pictures – Part 1

Let’s face it, when you get on your computer in the late afternoon to check our blog or the Apogee Facebook Fan Page (btw, if you’re not a Fan yet, please become one), it’s not to read our well written prose, our amusing anecdotes, or entertaining commentary on trip life (although that’s a major bonus). You want to see pictures of your kids…albeit often grainy, pixilated and shadowed pictures…but pictures nonetheless. We received shots from most of our groups in the field today. The only folks we didn’t get anything from were David and Anna (who spent much of their day on a ropes course), and Andy & Corley (who rafted the Kennebec and are largely out of cell phone range).

Day 29 – Quick Updates

Good morning, Apogee-aniacs! After yesterday’s late-night posting, I suppose I’m trying to balance things out with an AM post today. My sense of balance and order aside, I’m also addressing the reality that with another Massachusetts trip-start today, I’m not likely to be able to sit down at the computer again today. Just a few quick reports have come in so far this morning…

Day 28 – Late Night Musings

As I start this entry, it is 11:24 PM – it’s been a long day in the wide world of Apogee… Our indomitable leaders, and Kevin and I, started our last Cape trip of the summer today, which is always a delight. Less of a delight today, however, was the four hours it took to get from Falmouth, Mass. to Danvers, Mass after the trip start – and I was supposed to be going against traffic, for crying out loud! In any case, here we are, and two more wonderful Cape groups are under way tonight. It was a damp afternoon in Falmouth, but it promises to be a gorgeous week. Our very last trip start of the year is tomorrow – David and Anna have the honors with their fourth go-around with the New England Mountains & Coast trip.