It’s Holiday Hoodie & Hat Time!

If you have always wanted the gear we issue to our staff in advance of each summer, now is your chance! We’re offering this summer’s staff hoodie for your stocking-stuffer pleasure – they have been evaluated by our staff as “very snuggly,” “great for around the campfire,” and “wicked sharp” – so you know they’re going to be good!

I mean, come on! Olive the Dog’s look says, “hey, why didn’t _I_ get an Apogee hoodie??”

The details are simple: hoodies are a fleecy cotton/polyester blend, unisex, and sized XS to XL. They are available from now until Sunday, December 1 for $50 (shipping within the continental US included). We’ll make sure it’s to you before Hanukkah and Christmas!

Please order through the Apogee Gear Store – come on over and get yours!