In Honor of Thanksgiving – Some Mealtime Adventures!

By Hannah Gensheimer

Turkey Day is just around the corner, and here at Apogee we love the stuffing (smoked oyster, walnut, and sausage, if you’re at Chad’s house – and feeling like leaving your diet at the door…) and potatoes that come with this favorite holiday.  More importantly, though, we love the idea of friends and family gathering around the table, sharing stories and creating memories.  At Apogee, meals allow students and their leaders to come together as a family, swap stories, and create new memories after long days of hiking or biking.  Some of our favorite mealtime memories have been captured in the photos below.  It appears, however, that we’ve been having a hard time getting the food off of our faces, and into our bellies!

 Apogee Adventures Fun Food Faces 1

Apogee Adventures Fun Food Faces 2 Apogee Adventures Fun Food Faces 3 Apogee Adventures Fun Food Faces 4 Apogee Adventures Fun Food Faces 5

Whether you decide to play with your food or eat it, we hope you hall have a wonderful Thanksgiving from your friends at Apogee!