Forget Bennigan’s – Try Our Early Bird Special!

Salutations from brightly-colored Maine!  Up here at Apogee, even though we haven’t even raked up the leaves (although it’s getting to the point of procrastination for some of us…), we’re already deep into planning for next summer.  We’re delighted to share our 2013 schedule with you. Please feel free to view a list of all our upcoming trips.

Early Bird Special: To celebrate the announcement of our 2013 schedule, we’re happy to offer our first ever “Early Bird Special” (and it’s  way better than the Early Bird Special at Sizzler, even if the shrimp appetizer is not included…).   If you apply for any trip through November 15, we’ll reduce your tuition by $250. It’s that simple! If you’re ready, our application may be found here:  https://apogeeadventures.com__/application/apply-online.

Webinars and the Roadshow: We’ll be starting our 2013 webinars in November and will be hitting the road to give information presentations throughout the US in January and early February.  We’ll do our best to let you know about our webinars through Facebook and email.

If you have questions about a specific trip or about our programs in general, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We’re easily found at 207.725.7025 and  Hope to hear from you soon!