Day Two – World Domination

Just back from the start of our Coast to Quebec trips, I’m very happy to tell you that we have ten trips in the field right now — which, for us, is a full slate. Apogee groups are putting away many pounds of macaroni and cheese tonight, my friends! It’s all a part of our “World Domination Through Hiking, Bicycling and Community Service” Plan.

Down in Freeport this afternoon, it was a scene that, to an untrained eye, appeared to be on the chaotic side. But in reality, it went, if not like clockwork, pretty darn smoothly — parents helping kids to pack panniers, leaders meeting new families, passports being collected, bikes made ready, flags taped on, and students awkwardly (but genuinely friendly) saying hello together. To me, part of the magic of these trips comes in the first 24 hours or so (often much shorter), when all of that nervousness and awkwardness just dissipates over the course of the first couple of meals, goofy jokes, and long rides. The shot on top below is of Corley and Andy’s group in learning names in their first circle. The shot below that shows you the lineup of bicycles, geared up and ready to go, in Freeport before the groups head out for tonight’s campground.

David and Anna checked in from their day on the ropes course in New Hampshire on the New England Mountains & Coast trip. They’re having a great time and looking forward to getting up to the Whites tomorrow after a big dinner of chicken tetrazzini (sp?) tonight. Anna reports that the group can’t wait to get up Mt. Washington in the next couple of days. David sent along this great shot of a couple of his guys on the “Giant’s Ladder” element of the ropes course.

Wyatt and Chrissy started their legitimate riding out on the Cape with their most difficult day of riding. Wyatt reported that everyone was pumped to sail up and over the hills (ok, maybe “sail” isn’t quite right, but they were really excited to have made it through their toughest day so smoothly.) From the picture below, you’ll see that it wasn’t all hills.

And over on Martha’s Vineyard, Lucas and Danika’s group put on their grubbies and helped out at the Farm Institute for the afternoon — and even got to socialize with some of the larger residents on the farm…