Day Three – Moving Parts!

First, a quick update from our intrepid coast-to-coasters. Nick, Cait & Co. veritably sailed into Walterboro, South Carolina last night. Nick, who as you may recall is leading the trip for the second time, noted that they made it in a full two hours ahead of the same day last year. Cait reported high spirits as the group crossed into Georgia today and asked that we specifically thank Ann and her crew at the Georgia Welcome Center for their hospitality and the highly appreciated freeze pops they distributed to the group. One state down – eight to go. It’s all downhill from here, right?

Even farther south, our two CSA groups report that all is well in Puerto Rico. Lidia sent the below picture of her group on the trail yesterday — they took advantage of their day off of service to hike up to the highest point in the rainforest, El Yunque peak. On the other side of the island, Mike and Annie were back on the job today — planting 300 trees as part of the Wildlife Refuge’s reforestation project. We’re still working out the kinks in our ability to send and receive pictures from their group, but we should be up and running tomorrow.

Out in Montana, Sam and Rachel used a strong tailwind to their decided advantage and had crushed 35 miles before lunch. Not bad for a group of 14 — with two flats! They also engaged in some healthy competition with the past and sent in the below picture from a stop along the way. (Note: for whatever reason, the deus ex machina insists on rotating the picture to appear sideways – sorry about that.)

On the Cape, Wyatt and Chrissy’s group spent their morning surfing in Wellfleet — Chrissy said everybody caught some sweet waves. And Lucas and Danika have their sweaters sportily tied around their shoulders and their Murray’s Reds on. Why? They’re on Nantucket, of course. They sent the below picture of several members of their group riding in the breeze on the ferry over to ACK.

Rachel and Drew’s Vermont Hikers checked in today — they hiked up Mount Equinox today and were delighted to find that the rain clouds that followed them all the way up parted at the summit and allowed some gorgeous views of the Manchester area. They’re headed up to the Northeast Kingdom tomorrow to get ready for their backcountry adventure. They’ve promised some pictures — but we’ve heard that before!

Finally, much closer to home (for us, at least), our Coast to Quebecers enjoyed a gorgeous first night on Casco Bay last night — and then they woke up to pouring rain this morning. It was a temporary setback, though, as the rain let up around nine and the groups enjoyed a cool overcast to ride through today. Pete and Emily sent the below picture of their group sitting down to their first dinner — avant le deluge…