Day Four – Part 2 – And … More Good Snapshots

Wyatt and Chrissy’s Cape group rolled through Orleans today, sounding good and looking forward to a round of mini-golf after today’s bicycling was done. [As an aside, with a shout-out to our great parents, and a small dose of self-promotion — we received a great comment from their surfing instructor. He told Kevin today, “I don’t know where you get your kids, but year after year they are fantastic. They are always polite and always super enthusiastic.” Huzzah, Apogee families!] Lucas and Danika are out on Nantucket for a second night, and absolutely crushed a 38-mile challenge ride around the island! And then they sent in the below picture that made it all look so very easy…

In Puerto Rico, we have our first look at Mike and Annie’s elusive group — this shot is post-beach and from their deck near Cabo Rojo. They’re headed to Vieques Island tomorrow after wrapping up their service project with the Wildlife Refuge today. The shot immediately under Mike and Annie’s group catches their sister trip hanging out in an El Yunque waterfall. They, too, are headed to Vieques tomorrow — where both groups will be working on different projects with three different organizations over the next few days.

Finally, we heard from our Coast-to-Coasters — they were enjoying a delicious lunch in rural, Georgia. Cait sent the following text message, which I will quote verbatim for its raw enthusiasm: “Yo! I love the people down here — we just ate lunch at Jackson Grocery & Sporting Goods in Riddleville. They are awesome — gave us watermelon, blueberries, and homemade jam to spice up our pb&j. Please give a shout out to them!” So — as requested, here’s a warm shout-out to the good folks at the Jackson Grocery & Sporting Goods! Cait also sent along the below shot of a number of her group hanging out with last night’s hosts in Sylvania — their generosity was greatly appreciated, as well!