Day 8: Rivers, Rainforests, and Rip Curls

By Michael Kravitz & Hannah Gensheimer

Whether whitewater rafting, swimming, or surfing, Apogee students enjoyed stepping into the liquid today across the globe. With many groups nearing the close of their first weeks together, friendships are solidifying and spirits are high!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ1): The first goodbyes of the summer happened today as our Maine Coast Junior group says farewell. Their last night was spent exploring Portland and dining out on the town. And what better way to cap off the evening than with a bonfire? They’ve had an amazing week hiking and kayaking along the beautiful Maine coastline and in a matter of seven days this group came together as a family.  MCJ 2



Cape Cod & the Islands (CI1): Our CI-ers had another day of beautiful seaside riding as they made their way further along the Cape Cod Rail Trail. They had a short 13-mile ride to their campsite and had a relaxing afternoon of grocery shopping and hanging around camp as they gear-up for a full day of surfing tomorrow!


Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA1): Time to hit the surf! It was a full day at the beach today as the crew traveled to one of the most famous surfing spots in the entire Caribbean – Rincon! Their amazing teacher, Ramse, worked with the group to make sure everyone caught a wave and enjoyed their time in the water. Tonight the group is looking forward to a relaxing last evening along the western coast before heading out very early tomorrow for the small island of Vieques.





Vermont to Montreal A (VM1A): It was a day of both bike and ferry rides as the group traveled by land and sea to get to their campsite today. The group is doing great and is gearing up for their ride across the border tomorrow! Montreal, here we come!

Despite their busy day of service yesterday, the VM1A crew still manged to find time to sample Vermont’s famous Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in Burlington.

Vermont to Montreal B (VM1B): Our VMB-ers had a day off of the bikes and volunteered with the Burlington Parks and Rec. They worked hard in the morning rebuilding walking trails through the woods and putting together wooden platforms and boardwalks. What better way to celebrate their hard work than with an afternoon in Burlington exploring as a group and treating themselves to some well-deserved ice cream!


Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX1A): It was a big transition day as the group left Acadia and drove to Baxter State Park. The day was spent preparing for the group’s backcountry portion of the trip which will start early tomorrow. The group did a huge grocery shop, packed up bags, and are now looking forward to a great night sleep before their three day journey along the Appalachian Trail.

A foggy morning on top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak on Mt. Desert Island!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEX1B): Welcome back to civilization! DEXB made it out of their three-day backcountry portion with nothing but smiles and stories. They had an easy 3.6 mile hike out this morning, and treated themselves to a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant. Tomorrow will be the biggest hike of the trip and the group’s challenge day – the hike of Mount Katahdin!


Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS1): After salsa-dancing lessons at a discoteca in Turrialba last night, the CRLS crew got an early start this morning and met their guide who will be with them for the next three days. This morning the group hiked their way into the Costa Rican rainforest where they will be staying at a family-run Ecolodge. Over the next few days, they will volunteer on the land and explore the incredible array of flora and fauna that Costa Rica is famous for! Cell phone service at the Ecolodge is not great – therefore, pictures might not be plentiful over the next few days, but stand by for a multitude of pictures once they return! 

Another photo of the crew as they wrapped up their final day of service yesterday.
The gang worked up a sweat last night salsa dancing at a local discoteca

Coast to Quebec A (CQ1A): CQ1A-ers rode from Dexter to Greenville today and are looking forward to a day off of the bikes tomorrow. The are anxious to dip their paddles into the cool whitewater of the the Kennebec River tomorrow as they spend the day white water rafting. For now, they’re enjoying a beautiful night at their campground on Moosehead Lake.


Coast to Quebec B (CQ1B): The CQ1B crew hit the road early today on one of the hilliest rides of the trip, ready to take on any hill that stood in between them and a big plate of poutine. While the jury’s still out on who will receive the Polka-dot Jersey, they assure us that it’s a close running as they make their way deeper into the heart of Maine.

Stopping for a quick snack, water, and stretch break along the 35 mile route today


California Mountains & Coast A (CMC1A): Time to head into the backcountry! This amazing group will be spending the next three days exploring the peaks of Yosemite. With nothing but sun in the forecast for the next five days, the prospects for this group couldn’t be better! With bad cell phone service we unfortunately did not get a picture today. But we’re looking forward to great photos once they emerge from the backcountry!

California Mountains & Coast B (CMC1B): Coming back into civilization today after three amazing days in the Yosemite wilderness, the pictures of this group speak for themselves. The group took a well-deserved day of rest today before they head out to the shore tomorrow for a sea-kayaking adventure!







Montana Service Adventure (MSA1): The group today had a 40 mile ride today as they passed from the tiny town of Wolf Creek to Augusta. It was another perfectly beautiful day of sunshine and 80 degrees as they cycled down the road. They don’t call it Big Sky Country for nothing! The group is getting along amazingly, and is eagerly making their way towards Glacier National Park.




Northwest Explorer (NWX1): Our NWX group couldn’t have asked for a more amazing “rest” day following their days in the backcountry. The group enjoyed a slow morning today – complete with a big breakfast – and headed out onto the Sauk River for the rest of the day. The group is in super high spirits and is looking forward to strapping on their hiking boots again tomorrow!NWX

Pacific Coast A (PC1A): Wetsuits are on and our PCA-ers are surfing along the California coast today. The group slept in after a long day of cycling and service yesterday and enjoyed a delicious breakfast before heading to the beach. This afternoon they did a big grocery shop as they prepare for their next stretch of beautiful riding.PCA3

Fresh-picked blackberries! The perfect addition to morning oatmeal!


Pacific Coast B (PC1B): It was a fairly easy day of riding today for this amazing crew of cyclists as they crossed the border into California. They made it into camp very early, and they’re enjoying a relaxing afternoon and looking forward to sleeping in and surfing tomorrow!


Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX1): The group hiked 13 miles today from Bridge of Orchy towards Glencoe Ski Mountain today with beautiful views of the rolling hills and mountains of Scotland the entire way. They even took time for a quick photo with Loch Tulla in the background and made time to play a few rounds of cards at the Glencoe Mountain Resort!




Alps Explorer (AX1): After a long day of hiking, the Alps explorers made it to their camp in France and enjoyed a long afternoon of fun and games. The team is excited to continue second day of the tour tomorrow as they head further into these incredible mountains.



Europe Coast to Coast (ECC): It was a great first day of riding with absolutely perfect weather! The group’s first ride was through the beautiful streets of Harlem, and they made it to camp with plenty of time to play Frisbee and hang out as a group. And so the adventures begin!



America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1): Roll tide! Today ACC1 took on their biggest challenge of the trip, riding an impressive 93 miles over the rolling country roads in Georgia, crossing into Alabama, their second state down. And as the picture shows, it looks like their appetites are on point!

ACC1 eats lunch at Piggly Wiggly in Alexander city on their first 90+ mile day! Enjoying the southern hospitality with free ice cream and Powerade!

ACC1 (2)

America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2): Continuing their traverse of Georgia, ACC2 makes its way to their first well-deserved rest day of the trip. The only thing they have to worry about now is which movie they’ll be seeing tomorrow!