Day 8 – Keep on Keepin’ on

A beautiful day here in Brunswick has been accompanied by an excellent day for all our trips in the field.  The phone around the office has largely silent (knock on wood).  From all accounts, groups are continuing to bond, have fun, and find their stride.  Lots of smiley pictures came in today, so let’s get to it!

CI: The Cape crew got into camp near WellFleet earlier today with plenty of time to spare.  Surfs up tomorrow with a morning lesson!

VM: Cruising through a pretty flat 30 miles today, the Vermonsters continue their journey nothward.  Tomorrow, after a short ride, they’ll reach Burlington and spend the afternoon volunteering with Burlington Parks and Recreation.

NEMC: As far as places to hang out goes, the summit of Mt. Willard in NH isn’t too bad!

DEX: After spending a couple days on Isle au Haut Bay, these guys are back on “terra firma”, where they are finally getting showered!  Kelly called this evening to say things were going exceptionally well!

CQ1A: Here is the group at the historic Beech Nut House outside of Camden, Maine.  They spent their off day doing trail maintenance work in an organic blueberry field with folks from Coastal Mountains Land Trust.  Not a bad way to spend a day in Maine…

CQ1B: Here’s a photo of the group working the camera this morning at Pemaquid Point:

MSA: The Montanans had their longest ride of the trip so far – 57 miles.  Everyone finished tired but in fine spirits.  Well done guys!

PC1A: Micah, McKayla and company spent their first off day taking surfing lessons and having fun on the beach in Crescent City, CA.

PC1B: Today was Hannah and Shem’s group’s turn to cross into California.  Here’s some of their crew at the welcome sign.

CSA: Down in Puerto Rico, the group is having a great time exploring El Yunque National Forest. They spent a full day doing trail maintenance work and cleaning up a beach.

CMC: “Epic Paddle!”  Jillian’s words after coming off the Channel Islands with her group today.  Things are going very smoothly, and they’re looking forward to heading north tomorrow for Big Sur.

TSA: Laura and Pat’s group continued to explore the gorgeous Tuscan scenery with almost a full day of downhill today.  Tomorrow is a rather hilly (but absolutely stunning ride) to Siena.  No pictures today, but we’ll hope to have some tomorrow or Saturday at the latest.

ACC1: Crushing their mileage again, the ACC-ers broke their their second state border and their first time zone today. 2 down, 7 to go!

ACC2: Roaring celebration ensued as the group pulled into Lagrange, GA for their first day off tomorrow!