Day 8: Happy Fourth of July – Apogee Style!

By: Izzy Janzen and Emily Sturtevant

Happy Birthday America! Today, Apogee trips all over the world are celebrating the Fourth. Some celebrate it by crossing new state lines, some by showing American pride in Europe, and others with plain ‘ol festive decor. Here in the office most of us are sporting some combination of red, white, and blue and we’re also blasting “Born in the U.S.A.” Let’s see what all of our trips were up to today and how they decided to celebrate. Happy Fourth of July!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI):

Today CI has an short 13-mile ride and will spend the day exploring Wellfleet, Massachusetts together. They’re gearing up for an exciting day of surfing tomorrow. Here they are enjoying their Fourth of July lunch! Also, a sneak peak into their decorations for the holiday.

CI CI- decor

Vermont to Montreal (VM):

Freddy and Anna and their VM team have truly inspired us today with their dedication to the Fourth. We received a steady stream of entertaining clips this morning of Anna and Freddy really getting hyped up for what the day had to hold. See below for some of the magic…

vm1 IMG_3479


vm1Our fearless leaders…..

California Mountains and Coast (CMC):

Today is CMC’s fourth and final day in the back country. As you know, no news is good news and we’re sure Matt and Midge’s crew has cooked up something special to celebrate the 4th. Pictures tomorrow!!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA):

Today CSA enjoys a sweet morning of surfing- getting some on-land instruction first before hitting the waves- and will visit a beautiful Lighthouse after lunch. Today will be some of the most breathtaking beach vistas of the trip. What a gorgeous way to spend the 4th!

CSA - surfing CSA - surfing2

Coast to Quebec A (CQA):

Today CQA bikes toward Greenville, proudly displaying American flags as they go. This day is sure to be a hilly one- and it’s a big 38 miles but we know they’re up for the challenge and they’ll be rewarded with the potential of a swimming hole this afternoon to revitalize themselves!

cqa CQA -whipped cream

Nothing like a mid-day whipped cream pick-me-up on this lovely day!

Coast to Quebec B (CQB):

CQB started their Fourth of July out by watching the sunrise in Camden. They’re decked out today with some American Flags and bandannas to show their festivity as they ride towards Unity, Maine!

cqb cqb

The sun rises behind CQB as they get ready to leave Camden

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEXA):

Today John and Erinn’s group says farewell to Acadia National Park and heads toward the Appalachian Trail where they will spend the next two nights in the back country! We won’t expect to get pictures from this group while they are backpacking. We will post all the ones they take these next couple days when they get back.

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEXB):

Today is the big day for DEX1B-the big behemoth Katahdin! The bulk of today was spent climbing the mountain and tonight the group will just sit back and relax with tired legs and proud smiles. Tomorrow they will head towards Old Quarry and get excited for their sea kayaking portion! Due to lack of service in Northern Maine we didn’t get any photos today, but tomorrow we will have some summit pictures to share.

Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

Today is a long day of riding for MSA up to Augusta – but they’re staying hydrated and enjoying the challenge together! They may even stop at a local farm and try some locally grown gooseberries. MSA is enjoying the exhilarating feeling of having the plains to themselves and are enjoying the scenery as they go. They, too, are in a cell-phone vacuum – but we’re hoping to have pictures for you tomorrow, if not before.

Northwest Explorer (NWX):

Today our NWXers are spending a day off of their tired toesies and enjoying a little white water rafting on the Sauk River! No better way to start this fourth of July than with patriotic yogurt (topped with strawberries and blueberries, of course!) Today they’ll enjoy some aquatic fun and tomorrow they’ll start preparing for the North Cascades Back Country section.

NWX - ferry

Yesterdays ferry ride

NWX - 4th Celebration NWX - polaroid

Capturing the moment with a polaroid picture

Pacific Coast A (PCA):

Surfin’ USA! These bikers have turned in their wheels for a board and spent the fourth on the water. After a red, white & blue pancake breakfast at camp this group went down to Crescent City and learned how to ride the waves. They will now spend the night at the same campground as PCB and celebrate Independence day in Apogee style together with a BBQ!

PCA- dinner PCA - surfing

Gnarly wetsuits, dude!

Pacific Coast B (PCB):

Today our PCB did their big border crossing and are now in Cali where they will enjoy a surf lesson tomorrow! Today they will put up their feet, kick back, fire up the grill and relax while they relish in their accomplishments thus far with the PCA crew. Who knows, they just might get really crazy and wave around a sparkler or two!

PCB - California PCB - forth

Alps Explorer A (AXA):

Noah and Emma’s crew had an amazing – and tough day – of hiking today. This group were champs as they endured the Fourth of July heat and sun that the French Alps had on offer. These guys enjoyed the amazing views and took advantage of them for a little photo shoot and then had a nice post-lunch snooze.

AXA - group mts

AXA - feet

AXA - napogee

Napogee: (n). the rewarding rest one takes after a morning of hiking or biking on trip, usually in beautiful places

Alps Explorer B (AXB):

No better way to celebrate Independence day than a snowball fight, right? Well that’s what Tim and Ally’s group did this morning during today’s portion of the Tour du Mont Blanc. Along with the snow celebration, this group used very appropriate duct tape to fashion hair and bow ties for the group – an ode to the good ol’ USA. This group relaxed after today’s journey with a nice swim and a four course meal!

AXB - Snow NWX - Pledge AXB- girls

Europe Coast to Coast A (ECCA):

What we’ve heard from ECCA today is that they did a lot of “America” chants and are enjoying some down time today. Currently they following Fourth of July tradition and are making burgers – in Belgium. They may not be in the US of A, but they sure are celebrating like they are!

ECCA - dinner

Europe Coast to Coast B (ECCB):

Today ECCB enjoyed their day off of the bikes in Bruges, Belgium. They followed in the footsteps of their ECCA counterparts and indulged in some tried and true Belgian waffles. The gang looks thrilled to be there and to be together!

eccb IMG_5428

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

Today ACC crossed over from Georgia into Alabama! This crew’s patriotism speaks for itself- they’re celebrating our great nation by,well, biking across it. Along the way they will get to experience nine different states (two down!) and do so in style in their red, white, and blue jerseys.

acc acc