Day 6: Here Comes the Sun!

By: Hannah Genshimer

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ):

We cannot believe it’s already MCJ’s final full day together! How quickly a week flies by when you’re having as much fun as these rock stars. Today, our MCJ-ers spent their morning sea kayaking along the coast of Maine – with some of the best weather we’ve had this summer! Tonight, they’re headed down to Portland for their final dinner where they’ll get to reminisce about their good times, inside jokes, and crazy Acadia adventures over a delicious meal! Below are a handful of pictures from the past couple of days:

MCJ1Beautiful views in Acadia!

MCJ1Yesterday’s beach clean-up!

MCJ1This morning’s “birthday” breakfast! It wasn’t anyone’s birthday…but who doesn’t love a birthday celebration?! Aaron and Isa decided that they wanted a reason to cook up a delicious breakfast of bacon and pancakes this morning!

MCJ1A perfect day to sea kayak along the coast!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI):

Kevin and Alyssa’s crew spent their morning volunteering with Martha’s Vineyard Island Grown Initiative, an organization that works to support a resilient local food system on Martha’s Vineyard. And in true New England fashion, the group enjoyed the rest of the beautiful day exploring around the island, both on foot and bike. Here are a couple photos from Kevin and Alyssa from the past couple days!

CI1A little boat ride around Martha’s Vineyard? Don’t mind if we do!


Yesterday’s Lighthouse exploration

CI1The crew couldn’t get enough of last night’s sunset!

Vermont to Montreal (VM):

Today, our VM group spent the day kayaking and picnicking on Lake Champlain! According to Freddy and Anna, everyone had a fantastic time, the weather was great, and it was the perfect way to let their legs rest up a little after their first week of cycling.

VM1 VM1(3) VM1(4) VM1(5)

Action shot with a splash!

California Mountains and Coast (CMC):

Our CMC-ers are in the back country of Yosemite’s beautiful wilderness, and tackled their first big ascent of the trip. Their reward? A gorgeous panoramic view of mountains and valleys of the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River! They’re working hard, but having a blast and enjoying the landscape around them. Due to the lack of cell-phone service in this area, there we do not have a picture today, but look forward to hearing from them on Sunday!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA):

Down in Puerto Rico, Emily and Thomas’s group are having a great second day working with Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas. Today, their group participated in some fantastic service where they were able to work with locals, using bamboo to construct chairs while learning more about the ecology around them! Emily and Thomas called in to the office thrilled about the hands-on service work, the great people they’ve met thus far, and the positive dynamic of their group!


Coast to Quebec A (CQ A):

CQ A is spending a day off of the bikes, and is working with the Coastal Mountains Land Trust today. Rosa and Kyle let us know that their group spent the day getting in some wedding of invasive species and even had time for some blueberry picking – yum! Tomorrow they’ll get back on their bikes and will continue their journey north!


Coast to Quebec B (CQ B):

CQ B is crushing the mileage and made it to camp today with plenty of time to hang out around town as well as the gorgeous coastline of Maine! It looks like it’s going to be a relaxing night, and a great day of service tomorrow as they head over to work with the Coastal Mountains Land Trust. Below is Zack (aka Dixie) with a stellar selfie of the group! We’re so proud…

CQB-Selfie CQB-Beach

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEXA):

Our DEXA group is enjoying a beautiful day in Acadia! The photo featured below was taken by John on the top of Acadia Mountain! According to John, their group is having a great day, and shortly after the photo was taken, the group hiked over to Echo Lake for an afternoon dip in the cool waters. It sounds like their trip is going “swimmingly” – pun very much intended. Look for pictures of their planned pre-dawn hike in tomorrow’s blog.


Those are some bright colors!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEXB):

Our DEXB group is exploring the back country of the Appalachian Trail today! The sun is shining, and they could not have asked for a better day to be hiking through Maine’s wilderness. Due to the lack of WIFI in the wilderness (a blessing and a curse), we will be updating the blog with their back country adventures tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

Out in Helena, MT, our MSA group is doing their first day of service work with Helena’s Community Garden. Helena Community Garden members look forward to working with Apogee students each year, and this year is no different! Annika and Christian have reported that everyone was working hard and having a great time! This afternoon, the group will be packing up and getting ready for tomorrow’s ride towards Wolf Creek and Augusta. Rumors have it that tomorrow’s ride will take their group through some beautiful canyons (this actually is not a rumor. I led this trip last year and they do indeed ride through an absolutely incredible canyon!)

MSA1Pancake breakfast to fuel up for the big day of service!


MSA1Working hard with Jeanne and “Mr. Sweet” (Jeanne’s husband) in Helena.

Northwest Explorer (NWX):

Will and Becca are enjoying their second day in the back country of Olympic National Park. We should have pictures for you tomorrow night!

Pacific Coast A (PCA):

Today is PCA’s first “challenge ride!” Today, Abby and West’s group rode 49 miles through the south of Oregon, and tomorrow they will cross the border into California! Today’s ride took the group to some of the most breath taking views along the Pacific Coast – the coastal breeze, the nonstop sunshine, and the good spirits of the group are key ingredients to this amazing day!


Here’s half of our crew soaking in another sub-par view…

Pacific Coast B (PCB):

Our PCB group is spending their day taking in some more of Oregon’s stunning coastline as they make their way towards California. Sherry sent us some pictures of their group enjoying Bullards Beach yesterday afternoon, and it looks like their weather could not be better!


Alps Explorer A (AXA):

Our AXA group today experienced one of Europe’s most breath-taking sites today – the Aletsch Glacier! After waking up to another morning of more gorgeous views, the group took a cable car to the glacier, and then hiked from the Aletsch towards the village of Bettermeralp.

AXB - group AXB - walking

Alps Explorer B (AXB):

A 14-km hike from Switzerland into France? Don’t mind if we do! Today’s stunning hike (see jaw-dropping pictures below) took the group from their home base of the Swiss valley town of Martigny to the peaks of Tre-le-Champ to start the Tour de Mont Blanc. This is the first of five days in France, but just the start of the beautiful pictures! Just to warn you, we’re not likely to get pictures from the group tomorrow….

AXA - group AXA - lunch 2

Europe Coast to Coast A (ECCA):

Today, these European adventurers made their way from Renesse, Netherlands to Bruges – and it only took 2 ferries and 120 kilometers of cycling! I think it’s safe to say these guys earned themselves a delicious and substantial dinner! Kirk and Jeanne were unable to send photos, but we have been reassured that more pictures are on their way! They’re also going to be enjoying their first well-deserved day off of the bikes tomorrow.

Europe Coast to Coast B (ECCB):

Our ECCBers are spending their last full day in the Netherlands today. Postyn and Posie’s crew made it from Wassenaar to Renesse with the help of a couple of ferries and over 90 km of biking. And knowing Postyn and Posie, I’m sure their day was filled with not just great travel, but great food, great laughs, and many good stories! They’re headed for Bruges and their own day off tomorrow. We talked them this afternoon and all was well, but, like Kirk and Jeanne, they couldn’t get the wifi at the campground to work for pictures.

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

There’s nothing sweeter than a Georgia peach! And these 14 Georgia peaches are making their way to LaGrange today! Today’s ride is 73 miles of rolling hills, and the group is making great time, and keeping spirits high! On top of it all, they’re looking great in their ACC jerseys!

ACCLooks like John (peeping out of the window in the back) is finding lots of shade from the Georgia sun!