Day 47: Apples to Apogees

EXCITING, appealing, astonishing, lively  

Today’s highlights include final dinners, summit attempts, and stellar high fives, all in the form of blogs that mimic Apples to Apples!

We’re so excited that you’re here. Read on and learn what our teams are up to today!

Side note: if your campers return with stories of shooting stars you can send some kudos to the Persied meteor shower! It will be peaking on the evening of August 13th.


Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

GLACIAL, icy, polar, frigid

AKMCA had a stupendous day on the glacier in America’s last frontier! The crew woke up early and sent it to the local glacial hiking outfitter in Seward to prepare for their epic day of ice climbing. Our adventurous AKMCAers climbed up a snowy pitch before arriving at the ice wall and testing out their stylish crampons and ice tools! After a laborious day on the ice, the crew headed back to camp to sleep under the stars. 

Below are some pictures from the past few days (at press time, no pics of the glacier climbing were available, but we’ll look forward to seeing them tomorrow!).

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

BREATHTAKING, amazing. Heartstopping, stunning

Our AKMCB rockstars crushed Day 2 of their Williwaw Lakes backcountry expedition today. They have been enjoying endless Alaskan fields, authentic backcountry cookin’, and even saw a moose! This AKMC crew is in the backcountry zone, and there’s no wonder why- they’re pros after nailing their first round in the backcountry a couple of days ago! 

Alps Explorer (AX)

MOMENTOUS, historic, weighty, meaningful

Andddd with that is the end of an era- a beautiful, mighty Alps-ian era. After bread loaves and kilometers galore, this crew must be feeling quite accomplished as they fly home to enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer. We know they will cherish the memories and friendships made- we are proud of you, AXA!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

BOSS, champion, top, fly

Our Cape Cod & the Islands team nailed a 25 mile ride today! The group sped their way from Wellfleet to Provincetown and had a ball doing so. They played games, sang songs, and arrived into camp feeling accomplished as ever. We know these kiddos are going to sleep well tonight and will be ready for their ferry into the big city of Boston tomorrow!

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

RAD, remarkable, awesome, astounding

Nothing says “Golden State” like a rad day of surfing! Our GSA team packed up camp this morning and headed down to Santa Cruz to shred the gnar. We know our shredders hit lips, went with the flow, and crushed it in the Pacific! We wouldn’t be surprised if the sounds of waves are still lingering in their ears as they drift off to sleep tonight…

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

POETIC, epic, dramatic, anapestic

It’s going better than all-WRITE with our MCCE crew! As words flowed with the help of the instructor today, our students continued to improve their writing skills on the beautiful Maine coast. They are fine-tuning their essays as we speak and soaking up their last couple of days in the salty air. They even met up with our friend, Jared the admissions counselor, for some good tips on their college apps! Sweet dreams, future-Thoreaus!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

DANDY, first-rate, marvelous, terrific

MCJ had a terrific day celebrating a birthday on trail! The group was so eager to get their best day yet going that they woke up in time for a sunrise hike in Acadia (first on the eastern seaboard to see the sunrise!), and man were the views breathtaking! They spent the afternoon celebrating with a piñata and games, and even found time for a pool swim!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

SWIMMINGLY, smoothly, effectively, happily

DEXA has embarked on day one of an aquatic adventure! They had a full itinerary, complete with cleaning coastal debris with Maine Island Trail Association followed by some time to relax on their little island home. We heard the afternoon highlight was a group talent show!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

SUPER, great, magnificent, marvelous

Our magnificent DEXB group had a day to remember as they attempted to summit Katahdin in some of the best weather we’ve seen all summer! Though the group didn’t quite make it to the top, their leaders reported that they could not be more proud of everyone’s perseverance and teamwork today. The group got to enjoy some amazing views and thoroughly challenged themselves!

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

SILLY, childish, ridiculous, preposterous

Did someone say pizza for breakfast and pancakes for dinner? Happy backwards day from NEMC! Dawning backwards shirts and hats, campers spent the day rock climbing! We’re glad to hear that they did not scale the walls backwards though! After a day on Cathedral Rock, our team made it back to camp for games and breakfast for dinner. We look forward to hearing more silly stories from NEMC!

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

MEANINGFUL, consequential, important, essential

Three weeks of backpacking, kayaking, and hiking has come to this moment: A celebration in Seattle! And boy did our group celebrate. We hope that the meaningful connections and experiences during the trip will linger on for our explorers! From all of us at Apogee, have a safe flight home!

Pacific Coast (PC)

BITTERSWEET, poignant, stirring, touching

For their final day, PC made the most of their time in San Francisco! Exploring downtown, taking in the Bay, and sharing a final dinner, PC had a well deserved day of celebration. While it was a party sort of day, today marks the official end of their three week journey. As they say goodbye to new friends, leaders and their steeds (bikes); we hope they are inspired to conquer new challenges and continue riding with friends!

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

THANKFUL, contented, grateful, pleased

The mountains have been climbed, the bonds of friendship have been forged, and the planes have taken off. As we wave goodbye to PMC, we hope that they each took a little metaphorical piece of the Pyrenees to remember and cherish as they return home.

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

BOUNDLESS, limitless, endless, inexhaustible

Goodbye Montreal and hello transit day! It’s time for bikes and people to head home. With heavy hearts, empty panniers, and an epic trip under everyone’s belt; we’re sure that today will be full of emotions. We’re hoping that VMA folks head home full of accomplishment and pride!

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

DRIVEN, guided, consumed, directed

Drive, determination, ice cream. There are many reasons why VMB nailed this ride. As goodbyes are shared, and campers disperse, we’re so excited for all the places this team will go-beyond Apogee or with Apogee in the future (Pacific Coast anyone?). Way to go VMB!