Day 45: Celebrations and Bittersweet Farewells!

Today was filled with two things: celebrations and heartfelt goodbyes. With all but two groups wrapping up today, there were a lot of hugs, shared contact info, and bittersweet tears. However, two of our groups are putting the finishing touches on Apogee 2019 in style, enjoy their final day together with a celebratory meal and reliving the memories they’ve created thus far. Let’s tune in to the blog once more to see all things Apo!


Maine Coast Junior (MCJA and MCJB)

Maine Coast Junior – aka the Maine Sampler Platter – complete with kayaking along the Maine coast, hiking and biking in Acadia National Park, giving back to the local communities, and exploring Portland came to an end this afternoon. It was a busy, fun-filled week for all involved! Until next summer, folks!

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMCA and NEMCB)

After an AMAZING 10 days filled with hiking, rafting, kayaking, ropes coursing, camping, and picture posing, our fantastic New England Mountain and Coasters have left us. From hiking in Tuckerman’s Ravine to swimming in mountain lakes, these guys did New England right. We hope to see them back for another Apogee adventure in the future, but for now we send them off with stories of peaks summited and friendships made as souvenirs.

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRMA and CRMB)

We’ll be honest, sometimes it is hard to be the in-house blogger. Especially when unbelievable stories and photos are being sent to us on the daily from our Colorado Rocky Mountain groups – we’re jealous! But now that this trip has come to an end, we will miss their stories of adventure and photos of glorious clear skies, outstanding rocky mountains, and alpine lakes. After a week and a half of hiking, rafting, and climbing, the Colorado Rocky Mountains groups bid their new friends goodbye this morning in Denver!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Our College Essay team said goodbye today — they couldn’t have asked for a more “Maine” way to end the trip yesterday, as they explored Freeport, Maine, sampled some Lobster, and shared their essays by the ocean. We’ll miss this crew — best of luck with your college apps!

Maine Coast Photo (MCP)

Ooo! Ahhh! Today our MCPers got to showcase their work in their Final Show in downtown Boothbay Harbor for all to see. Passerby got to witness this one time only, talk of the town, showcase of creativity and talent. Tonight, the group celebrated their week together and amazing creative accomplishments with a celebratory final dinner. When one of them inevitably gets famous, we may have to take a wee bit of credit. 

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

After emerging from the wonderful woods of Northern Maine, our DEX group headed back to Midcoast Maine for their final full day together. Tonight the group will celebrated with a final dinner and dessert in Portland. From sea kayaking, to backpacking the AT, to new friendships formed, they certainly have a lot to celebrate! 

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS)

Adios! Espero que has aprendido mucho! (Translation: goodbye, we hope you’ve learned a lot!). As this trip came to a close today, we know these students have learned a lot more than just some Spanish skills — they gained knowledge about Costa Rica, the communities where they stay, and of course, they learned all about each other! Pretty neat to make 11 new friends in a place as cool as Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

It was time to say “Hasta Luego” to Costa Rica for these adventurers… over the course of 12 days, they checked off an impressive amount of activities: zip-lining, a wildlife tour, tortilla and chocolate-making, community service, backpacking through a cloudforest, snorkeling, surfing, and more! All while getting to hang out with a new family — their Apogee family! We’ll miss you, CRMC!

California Mountains & Coast (CMCA and CMCB)

Bitter sweet goodbyes were had in the San Francisco airport today, as our California Mountains and Coasters took off in all directions. These guys kayaked, surfed, explored San Francisco… oh yeah and HIKED! Backcountry hiking can really bring a group of people together. Friendships are built on the shared challenges and wonders that come with backcountry adventures. Your pack feels heavy, but the views are oh, so worth it. And food has NEVER tasted so good.  We know that our CMC folks are leaving with a lot to be proud of – we hope to see you all next summer!!

Alaska Mountains & Coast (AKMC)

Alaska is a big state. They have big lakes, big trees, big mountains, and big moose. And now, we can say that Alaska holds the big accomplishment of hosting three INCREDIBLE Alaska Mountains and Coast trips. This last trip is no exception, and we are sad to say it is over. Our fearless AKMCers took today with muddy boots and stronger legs. Way to go AKMC3!

Northwest Explorer (NWXA and NWXB)

After three weeks packed full of backpacking through rain forests (not a typo), snow-capped peaks, and wildflower-covered valleys, overnight kayaking trips alongside whales and seals in the San Juan Islands, white water rafting, and exploring Seattle, it was finally time to say goodbye. What an epic adventure, and you will all be missed!

Pacific Coast (PCA and PCB)

We bid farewell to all of our wonderful PC bikers today. Having biked a whooping 600 miles (!!!!) in total – from Oregon all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge – these fearless peddlers earned themselves a celebratory final dinner in San Francisco last night. Following, they shared their final Apogee’s and Perigees and spent the evening sharing stories. Many memories were made over the last 20 days, and it is never easy to say goodbye to new friends. Congratulations, Pacific Coast!

Scottish Highlands (SH)

Bye bye, bonnie friends! After trekking through the highlands, befriending friendly sheep, and making lifelong friends, our SHers have had a dreamy two weeks together. With strong legs and bellies full of fish and chips, this crew heads back to their respective homes – dare I say it – even more bonnie! 

Alps Explorer (AX)

After over 110 miles of hiking, traveling through three countries, and sharing countless memories, this group was sad to part ways today. For any of you dedicated blog readers out there, it is easy to understand why. These folks have been having the adventure of a lifetime these past three weeks! They may dearly missing each other, but we will not be missing the deep pang of jealousy we get every day after seeing their photos. So, in the three main languages of this trip: au revoir, arrivederci, goodbye AX! Congrats!

Pyrenees Mountains & Coast (PMC)

After an incredible two weeks in the Pyrenees, this group returned to real life today (because let’s be real, we all saw their pictures… and that didn’t look like it could have been real life!). We’ll miss seeing our daily dose of pure bliss from Spain and France, but they’ll always have the friendships, and the memories!