Day 45: Closing Time

By Michael Kravitz and Gracie Wright

Whether it be in Geneva, Quebec, or San Francisco, all over the world Apogee trips are coming to an end. This part of the summer is always bittersweet: while we are happy that all of our trips have run so smoothly and safely, we are saddened to say goodbye to yet another group of really amazing kids. Though we’re not sure what will stand out in people’s memories from their Apogee trips this summer, we are sure that, whether it be crossing the United States by bicycle or spending their first night outside in a tent, their experiences with us will be talked about for years to come. We are so proud of all of the amazing things our crews have accomplished this year!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ3): Our MCJ crew enjoyed an amazing day of community service. Working with the Maine Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program, the group spent the morning helping to clean and organize a local food pantry. Tonight the group will enjoy a delicious final dinner in Portland to celebrate their awesome week together.


New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC3): After a night of strikes and spares at the bowling alley, these NEMC3ers hit the bed early in preparation for their final day spent sea kayaking. After getting off the water, the crew drove down to Portland for an amazing final dinner in the old part of the city.                


Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA3): After each completing 35 hours of community service, immersing themselves in a foreign culture, and making incredible friendships, the kids on CSA couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend the end of their summer. As we say our final goodbyes, we hope to see this great group on another Apogee trip (maybe in Costa Rica!?).CSA3CSA3 CSA3 CSA3

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX3): After climbing Katahdin yesterday, our DEX crew hit the road this morning, making the long drive back from Baxter State Park to Freeport. After setting up their tents one last time, the crew hopped back into their trusty van and headed down to Portland for a delicious final dinner in the Old Port.


Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS3): Instead of cake by the ocean, these service amigas and amigos enjoyed some local smoothies on the beach last night. Sipping on fresh fruit smoothies while watching the sunset was the perfect setting their last night in Manuel Antonio. Today they zip-lined on the longest zipline in Central America before heading back to Alajuela for a final dinner out on the town.


Coast to Quebec A and Coast to Quebec B (CQ2A&B): After over 400 miles, countless hills, and copious bottles of sunscreen, our CQ groups finished their trips today, making their way back into the States from Quebec City. We can’t believe how dedicated and driven these riders were and we applaud their success. We can’t wait to see many of these same faces on Apogee adventures in the future!

CQ2B’s final blog pic!

California Mountains & Coast A and California Mountains & Coast B (CMC3A&B): Done with surfing and now in the big city, our CMC crews took today to explore the colorful city of San Francisco. After shopping around and taking in the sights and sounds, the crews went out to dinner in the city to celebrate a their incredible trips.  

CMC3A enjoys a picnic outside of the hostel.

Montana Service Adventure (MSA2): 400 miles of riding and five days of service work later, it is finally time for our MSA trip to wrap up. While this tightly-knit crew is sad to be leaving each other, they can look back at all the challenges they have conquered on the bike and the impact they made through their service. We hope to see this group on some more Apogee trips in future years!

Northwest Explorer (NWX2): Our NWX crew finished up today after a super adventure in the beautiful Northwest. Taking the day to explore Seattle yesterday, the crew said their final goodbyes today at the airport. Well done NWX!

 Pacific Coast A & Pacific Coast B (PC2 A&B): After making it all the way down the coast from Eugene Oregon, our PC crews have come to an end. Last night, the groups enjoyed great dinners out on the town in San Francisco to celebrate their successes. We cannot believe what a what well-bonded communities these two groups have formed!    

Bike touring or luncheonette at the golf club? PCB is certainly bringing the class back to Apogee.


Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX2): Our SHX crew survived in, thrived in, and, most importantly, enjoyed the rather wet climate of the Scottish Highlands. The group triumphed over mountains, through quaint little towns, and down the streets of Edinburgh where they enjoyed a delicious final dinner.  

Alps Explorer (AX2): After three gorgeous weeks of hiking in some of the most famously beautiful terrain in the world, the AX crew enjoyed an amazing final dinner in Geneva, the “Peace Capital” of the world. While the crew is happy to be out of hiking boots for the foreseeable future, they are sad to be saying goodbye to what has turned out to be an amazing group. Bien fait AX2!

America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2): After spending the last couple of days in San Diego, unwinding and resting after completing the incredible feat that they did, the ACC2 crew enjoyed a delicious final dinner last night to celebrate their success. After an emotional final round of A’s and P’s last night, the group said their goodbyes this morning.