Day 42 – Really, Really Close

My goodness, we are getting close!   As I am typing, we have only one (1!) biking trip still on the road.   Everyone else is tucked in to their destination city and that one trip is proceeding with alacrity toward the many delights of San Francisco!

No FAILures today — we’re batting 1.000, baby!

NWX: David, Anna and their Hearty Paddlers left the water today after a great time paddling among the mind-bogglingly beautiful San Juan Islands.   They have traded their PFDs for street clothes and will spend tomorrow exploring Seattle.   Here’s a bunch of the lads hanging out on the beach this morning.

PCA: Andy and Danika have crossed the Golden Gate!   Here’s a shot of their group enjoying peanut butter, Fluf, and Oreo sandwiches (umm, yum?) before crossing the bridge earlier today.

PCB: Lucas and Anna’s group had one last mechanical issue to take care of this morning, so they are still headed down the hill towards the Golden Gate.   I just spoke with Lucas and he said they had just climbed the last real hill and were cruising towards the bridge.   Here they are on top of that laaaaaast hill.

ACC: And our CCDs (Cross-Country Dynamos) are spending their last full day together in San Diego today.   Almost unbelievably, after 2700 miles and more adventures than you could shake a stick at (I welcome explanations of that particular idiom), the group heads their separate ways tomorrow morning…   Sure, the picture is ostensibly a simple shot of the group walking down the pier at Ocean Beach this afternoon, but really, it’s so much more, onwards into the deep!  Onwards into the mist!  Onwards into life!   Onwards into destiny!

(I know, I know — you’re wishing I had stayed a way just a few more days…..)