Day 40 – All Eyes on the Pacific

Good afternoon loyal blog readers.    Assuming all goes as planned with Chad’s flight home in the early morning, this should be my final blog post of the summer!    Wyatt and Heidi and Nick and Cait all dropped of their kiddos at the airports this morning, and they should all be home by now.    Today is a very very exciting day on the West Coast, mostly because we have two PC trips zipping down the coast, some Northwest Explorers enjoying a sea kayaking adventure in Washington State, oh, and did we mention that our ACCers are going for a nice little swim in the PACIFIC OCEAN?    That’s right, they made it.    And now for the pictures:

PCA:    The days of biking are dwindling for Andy and Danika’s crew.    They pull into San Francisco on Friday.    Andy says all is well with the group today, but they couldn’t find enough reception to send us a picture.

NWX:    NWX put their packs away today and picked up some paddles.    They’re now enjoying the gorgeous San Juan Islands, hopefully catching a glimpse of some orca whales.    They’ll spend the night tonight seaside, and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Pacific.

PCB:    Anna and Lucas’ crew got back on their bikes today, and are powering down the California Coastline toward their destination.    They rode 70 miles today and have just two more days of biking.

ACC: It’s been a long six weeks with some bumps in the road, but they’re in! Here’s a photo collection of their incredible journey.

Flag raising on the 4th:

Dinner with the Walls in El Dorado:

Armadillos in Texas:

Shredding in New Mexico:

Celebrating in San Diego: