Day 4: Viewsday Tuesday!

By: Izzy Janzen and Jack Messerly

Howdy there! Just another day at the office…for us that is! The Apogee families (groups) scattered over the globe had some wonderful adventures today. Even more spectacular, all of our trips enjoyed some dry, sunny weather! A big thanks to Mother Nature for keeping all eighteen of our trips out of the rain. Big days were had all around. Some groups took on service projects, others experienced the gentle swell of ocean waves, while our cyclists and hikers alike conquered some fierce hills. Day 4 is in the books, and boy was it a good one!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ): Our Maine Coast Junior Champs had their day of biking along the picturesque carriage roads of Acadia National Park. The carriage roads twist and turn through lush green forests and calm blue lakes. What a lovely day to be a Maine Coast Junior! Hiking and biking? Check! Kayaking and community service? Up Next!

MCJ 1 Day 4 mcj1 day 4

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI): Today the crew bid a fond farewell to Nantucket and warm greeting to Martha’s Vineyard! The Caper’s will be here for the next three nights and have plenty of time to do some community service and explore the magnificent coastal scenery on their bikes. Today the group enjoyed a delicious lunch spread in the beautiful white sands of the Vineyard!

CI1 Day 4

Vermont to Montreal (VM): Our Vermonsters celebrated the end of their ride today in Middlebury, VT with a refreshing ice cream treat. They really earned their cones today as they “crushed hills” all day long. Anna and Freddy report that spirits are as sunny as the weather as the group continues to move north through the beautiful Vermont countryside.

VM day 4
Don’t be alarmed… there is a cup under the ice cream cone that’s face-down on the table. We wouldn’t let good ice cream go to waste.

California Mountains and Coast (CMC): Matt and Midge’s California crew is enjoying their last full day of paddling in the amazing Point Reyes National Seashore. I wonder if they were lucky enough to spot any White Pelicans with their 10 foot wingspan, the second largest in North America?! We can only imagine that it’s a bittersweet feeling right now; their time on the water comes to an end, but tomorrow they begin their preparations for their back country hike as they travel to Yosemite National Park. Tough life, huh?

cmc1 d 4
Spotted: lots of smiles and some pretty well-placed bunny ears…

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA): Today the hard-hitting news for these hard-hat wearing folks is that the weather was phenomenal and the hard work of trail maintenance and conservation continued smoothly. But not everything about today was hard! They’re loving the work and it was followed by a tasty lunch and a hike or swim of the groups choice! They’re doing some amazing work, rocking the hardhats, and having fun!

CSA1 day 4

Coast to Quebec A (CQA): I (Jack) was lucky enough to have the chance to briefly meet up with our CQAers this afternoon in Damariscotta, Maine! They were all smiles and reported the riding was pretty and picturesque Maine. They’re settled down at their campground for the night not far from one Maine’s most photographed lighthouses.

CQ A day 4
We can only hope to see more of the American flag jersey as the Fourth of July rapidly approaches!
CQ A day 4
You might think they would want some rest after biking today – but, alas, the game of ninja never rests!

Coast to Quebec B (CQB): Today the quest to Quebec moves onward to Wiscassett! Yesterday the group explored LL Bean’s flagship store on the ride to their campground! I (Jack) was able to stop by and see some of the riders finish a huge hill, complete not with groans, but laughter. It seems that nothing can keep our CQB friends’ spirits down. They had completed almost all of their mileage before lunch en route to a beautiful campsite, complete with a pool.

cqb d4
cqb d4
Cruising through Brunswick, maybe you saw us waving?!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX A): This picture certainly speaks for itself and is worth more than a thousand words! The group spent the day paddling and doing beach clean ups on some remote islands in Isle Au Haut Bay. The seas were calm and the skies were blue! The group even got to see some bald eagles close up! Tomorrow they will have their farewell paddle back to the mainland and head towards Acadia National Park!

dex1a day 4

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEX B): This lovely group spent yesterday evening feeding each other a gooey Oreo dessert. Yum! This morning they awoke to the glow of the moon and stars and reached the summit of Cadillac mountain at sunrise. From the summit, they were among some of the first people in the entire country to see the sun this morning! And where were we? Sound asleep… It puts us to shame! Good for you DEX1B! This afternoon they will recuperate with some naps and sweet treats in the Bar Harbor area.

dex1b d4

dex1b d 4

dex1b d4

dex 1b d4
They came extra prepared with sleeping pads and bags and took a well-deserved nap at the top of the mountain!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA): Thankfully our Montana riders ate a big breakfast today, because they began their day with an even bigger ascent. After nonchalantly pushing to the top, it was smooth sailing from there on… literally. Apparently a brand new road was just finished and Annika and Christian’s crew may have even been the first set of wheels to hit the new blacktop. Annika informed us that today was a “great day and spirits are high!” Keep on chuggin’, MSA!

MSa day 2
Have no fear; cars weren’t even allowed on this new pavement yet!
MSA day 2

Northwest Explorer (NWX): There’s nothing like a birthday celebration to start the day off right! Our NWX gang is spending today preparing for their first of two back country expeditions. Of course, they also managed to fit in a day hike complete with, what is that in the background? Oh yes, those are snow-capped peaks, ladies and gents. I expect we’ll be seeing many more of those as their trip continues. For now, we’ll take big smiles and happy campers as a sign that Will and Becca’s crew are having a blast!

NWX 1 D4
I know you’re all wondering who’s birthday it is today… and if those sunglasses don’t give it away, you might also be able to tell by all of the balloons in his tent and a “birthday bagel” (not pictured) – what might a birthday bagel entail? Are those marshmallows I see?
NWX day 2
Hard to beat those mountains in the background!

Pacific Coast A (PCA): Today PCA stayed warm and upbeat despite some morning fog. They’re took a quick peak at Sunset Bay before taking on the Seven Devils! While the name of this set of hills may be intimidating, they were no match for the strength and energy of these riders! PCA is already in camp relaxing and enjoying the success of their day.

PCa d4
PCA wins the prize for most well organized group selfie today!
pca d4 PCA day 4

Pacific Coast B (PCB): PCB started their day, similar to many of our cyclists today, with a tough climb. However, this did not deter the crew one bit! They are already safe and snuggly in camp probably preparing a hot dinner and playing some group games. This crew is all smiles and speed.



Alps Explorer (AXA): Well, it didn’t take long for us all to become incredibly jealous of our Alps groups’ pictures. Today these AXAers spent the entire day on a tough day hike to a little town called Trift, where they ate lunch while being serenaded by two alphorn players! Post lunch activities included a mountain-top snowball fight and gelato in homemade cones, made personally by Stefanie of Stefanie’s Creperie (pictured below).

AX day 3.
It’s too bad they couldn’t find a good background to capture a photograph with their new musician friend…
AX Day 3
The only thing that might beat lying on the beach on a sunny day is lying in the snow in Switzerland on a sunny day.
AXx Day 3

Alps Explorer (AXB): Today is another splendid day to be hiking in Alps! No surprise there! Word on the street is that “everything is wonderful” over yonder, and they’ll be celebrating a special birthday with a delightful Gelato treat. The pictures below provide some proof that our AXB group has indeed stopped staring at the Matterhorn and are keeping their eyes on the trail. What a day!

ax1b d4 ax1b d4

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC A): Are they doing well? Yes! Can we see them? Wi-fi, No! Unfortunately ECCA was not able to get enough connection at their campsite to send any good visuals from their day but we have verbal confirmation that the group is doing great and getting along fantastically! The weather is warm and spirits are high! Hopefully we’ll have some stellar pictures tomorrow to make up for it!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC B): Posie and Postyn’s ECCB was stupendously speedy today and made it into camp before 11AM. That’s right! Too speedy even to have lunch out on the road. As a result, the group enjoyed an afternoon of straight Netherland chillin’ by taking a splash in the North Sea. What a spectacular day to be in the Netherlands! Way to go team!


America Coast to Coast (ACC): Are our fearless coast to coasters had their longest ride to date – 78 miles through rolling southern hills and heat. After being held up by some thunderstorms during the early afternoon hours, they made it to their final destination and are in for the evening, eating, hydrating, and feeling great about their accomplishment. Mia and Chris report spirits are high!IMG_0696