Day 39: Ah, the Beauty of it All

Ahhhh, what a beautiful day. Susie here (again), holding down the fort at HQ with Cait. The pictures are not particularly plentiful today (we only have 11 trips out on the road and spotty service elsewhere), but boy, are they stunning! I think the blue skies and smiling faces speak for themselves, so let’s get right to it!

NEMC: Kayaking day! After picking up their (pretty enormous) pile of mail yesterday and getting their hands dirty doing service, Phil and Emma’s group has grabbed the paddles for a day on the water. The weather is just ideal. 


CI: Boston Boston Boston! These strong bikers are spending the day exploring Beantown and hanging out before goodbyes tomorrow. Looking good by the water!


VMA: Rosa and Noah’s crew is in Canada! They sped north this morning and crossed the border! Bonjour, Canada! Now just a couple more days of riding, then Montreal!


VMB: These guys did the beautiful ride to Grand Isle today. They seem to have missed the good service patch Noah and Rosa hit yesterday, but we reached them for a phone call–they are doing great and are psyched to be so close to the border! Pictures tomorrow!

CMC: Our Californian hikers are finished at Big Trees and are just stoked for their backcountry portion in Yosemite. The hikes at Big Trees were awesome, and they even got to see how many kids you can get on one stump–very many!


CSA: It’s surf day! These guys are taking a little break from their awesome service work to catch some waves today. Hang tight!


PC: These guys are on their day of in Mendocino today, filling up on tasty food and gearing up for their next ride. They will do their laundry and enjoy the coast before cruising onward toward the Golden Gate!


NWXA: They have emerged! Kelly and Garth are out of the backcountry and have just started texting us tons of pictures. We’ll put some of them up now, some tomorrow. Here we go:

IMG_2813 IMG_2911



NWXB: Sorry, folks, no pictures from NWXB. They have entered the backcountry for their longer trek and won’t have 3G for a little bit, so we’ll have to patiently await the gorgeous shots!

ACC1: This is the home stretch! Today ACC1 is riding the Pines to Palms highway to Julian, California–this will be their last night before riding into San Diego. Just. Incredible. Plus, the road climbs to an elevation of over 5000 feet in the heart of the Sierra Nevadas. Our riders are crushing those miles and doing it in style!

ACC1(2) ACC1

ACC2: Today is Desert Day for Mike and McKayla’s group. They got started before sunrise and rode 40 miles before six a.m. They finished the whole ride before 11:30. Incredible. These guys are absolutely hammering through their rides. Just a few more days before San Diego!

ACC2(2) ACC2