Day 39 – Auspiciousness

Any regular reader of our humble little blog knows that today is the big day. As I type, our cross-country riders have seen the ocean, have felt the misty breeze blowing up from the coast and into Poway and Ramona, and are right now snaking down through El Cajon’s urban jungle. They’re likely overwhelmed by the sheer number of cars and traffic lights, but the euphoria and endorphins popping like popcorn on a hot griddle more than makes up for any urban angst they’re feeling. They should be at the beach within the next hour and a half or so! If someone is able to send me a shot from the beach we’ll be sure to get it posted tonight.

Our other trips are continuing to do well, too. I talked to both Pacific Coast groups today as they race down the coast. Both groups are within a few miles of the stunning Point Reyes area right now — and this time tomorrow, they’ll very likely be on the other side of the mighty Golden Gate.

And Mike and Annie sent in this shot from their lunch stop on Strawberry Island in Puget Sound. In his text message, Mike said that they’ve seen plenty of fish, seals, and eagles. Tonight’s activities include a hike to catch the sunset from a gorgeous high point, and possibly a dip in a phosphorescent cove. Not too shabby. They’ll be coming off of the water tomorrow, cleaning up and enjoying a full day of Seattle sights and sounds on Friday.