Day 38: Moosin’ Around Monday

By: Hannah Gensheimer

Happy Monday, everyone! For many of you out there, Mondays are the start of a long work week. Here at Apogee, however, it’s Day 38 of our summer-long “work” week (but let’s be honest, this is a pretty cool kind of “work”). And today we have groups all over the world doing amazing things, whether cycling to Glacier National Park, dining in an Italian rifugio, or “moosin'” around Maine (see CQB’s picture today).

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ3):

Rise and shine MCJers! Today is their first full day as a group, and the Maine wilderness is calling! After waking up along the coast of southern Maine this morning, these guys transited up to Acadia National Park and set up their campsite for the next three days. They then took full advantage of the gorgeous day with a hike around the Park.


Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE3):

It’s a day of revisions, touch-ups, and polishing for our MCCE crew. Jaed was with them all morning, giving suggestions on their essays and helping them work towards a final product. Their hard work this morning was rewarded with an afternoon of kayaking around Maine’s gorgeous Casco Bay.


Cape Cod and the Islands (CI3):

It’s hard to believe it’s already Day 6 for our CI group! The group took their bikes for a very quick spin over to the Farm Institute this morning where they learned about local produce and helped in the gardens. I spoke with Alyssa and Kevin this morning, and they commented on what a great day the whole group had, and how well everyone is getting along.


New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC3):

NEMC’s adventure truly began today, as they spent their morning on a high-low ropes course at Maine’s largest adventure course. The outfitters took the group through some exciting team building exercises, followed by the aerial adventure course. After the fun morning, the group hopped in the van and shuttled to New Hampshire. Tonight they will settle into their campsite and get ready for their first day of hiking tomorrow in the White Mountains.


Vermont to Montreal (VM3):

A day of picnics and kayaking on Lake Champlain? Don’t mind if we do! Our VMers rode a brief 12 miles to get to their kayaking location, and enjoyed a fantastic morning on the water. It was a gorgeous day, and the group’s spirits are high. They are looking forward to another relaxing day tomorrow as they will be doing service work with Burlington’s Parks and Recreation team.


California Mountains and Coast (CMC3):

It’s Service Day for this crew! They worked with Yosemite Rangers on a project to clear out invasive species and encourage the growth of native plants. They rested up this afternoon, in preparation for the back country portion of their trip on Wednesday. We have checked in with Matt and Midge, and they’re doing well, but don’t have enough cell phone service to send pictures at this point. We’ll work hard to get a couple of pictures before they head into the back country.

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA3):

After one last morning of service with Casa Pueblo, our CSA group said “adios!” to central Puerto Rico. They spent their afternoon transferring to the south western region of the Island and getting ready for a day of community service with the Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge tomorrow.


Coast to Quebec A (CQ2A):

CQA tackled their longest ride yet today, a whopping 55 miles! They got fired up last night with a delicious dinner and some games and took on the mileage today with no problems.




Coast to Quebec B (CQ2B):

It was a fairly hilly day of riding for our CQB group today, but they couldn’t have asked for a stronger group of riders or a more gorgeous day on the bikes. They also had their mail stop to look forward to – a day that’s often filled with delicious goodies passed around the group. A well-deserved treat after a long day of riding!


Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX3):

Our DEXers spent the day exploring around beautiful Acadia National Park. After sea kayaking the past couple of days, this group was happy to get back on dry land to check out the amazing landscape by foot. They hiked both the Beehive and Mt. Champlain, enjoying some outstanding views along the way. In the words of one of the leaders, Erinn, “Life is truly good!”


Montana Service Adventure (MSA2):

Welcome to Glacier National Park, MSA! Due to wildfires in the Park, the group was re-routed to the west side, and had a great day of riding to get into their campsite (their ride was a gradual downhill almost the entire way into the park!). Tomorrow they’ll will work with Park Rangers in the morning and spend the afternoon exploring.

IMG_3989 IMG_3982 IMG_3955 IMG_3950

IMG_4031Getting creative with your snacking, MSA!

Northwest Explorer (NWX2):

Due to a slight change in plans, our NWX group hiked out of the back country today and is planning on having a rejuvenating rest day in the Bellingham area tomorrow. We’ll be posting plenty of pictures of their past few days with tomorrow’s blog.

Pacific Coast A (PC2A):

It was a long, but incredibly beautiful ride for our PCA group today as they rode out of the Redwoods and back towards the Pacific Ocean. The group had some big climbs today, but Abby and West assured us that the gorgeous views kept spirits high – and knowing that they have a rest day tomorrow doesn’t hurt either!


Pacific Coast B (PC2B):

PCB had great day of riding today as they cycled 47 miles to their campsite along the Eel River. Once at camp, they checked out a small shop across from their campsite for delicious snacks and cool books on the local wildlife, history, and redwoods. They’re sure to have a large, delicious dinner tonight in order to get ready for their 60 mile ride tomorrow.


Alps Explorer A (AX2A):

While today was a huge day of hiking (nearly 25 km!), the views of the Mont Blanc massif throughout the day made it one of AXA’s best days yet. At the end of their hike, they returned to their first bit of civilization since last Thursday, and is looking forward to a well-deserved rest day tomorrow.


Alps Explorer B (AX2B):

Below is a picture from this morning’s campsite before the group headed off on their hike. While the hike wasn’t overly strenuous, the group was extremely happy to have an amazing Italian rifugio to stay in tonight #fancycamping. They enjoyed some delicious food, SPECTACULAR views throughout the day, and fell asleep in comfy beds. Not a bad life…


America Coast to Coast (ACC):

Sixty-eight miles biked today, and only 107 miles to go!! The taste of cross-country victory is in the air, and ACC is relying on a mix of adrenaline and excitement to make it to San Diego on Wednesday! They’re staying indoors tonight and are gearing up for the home stretch.