Day 38 – August? Already?

Good evening readers, it’s August, I can’t believe it! It’s been a great day in Brunswick and a great day in the field.   We have a bunch of updates for you as a few more trips wind down, tomorrow we’ll have just six trips still adventuring.   Here we go:

FAILures for the day, I’m sad to say there are several:

NWX: They’re out! These guys emerged from the backcountry this afternoon, and everything sounds great.   Dave says everyone is doing wonderfully and they loved their backcountry hike.   Probably dirtier than they have ever been before, everyone is doing laundry before having a barbecue tonight. Dave and Anna have yet to send us a picture, but tomorrow we should have one for you.

TSA:   I talked to Nick this morning, who told me that the TSAers have entered Rome and will be eating pizza for dinner in the city tonight.   They’ll spend tomorrow exploring the city before their final dinner together as a group.

PCB: Lucas and Anna’s crew rocked a long ride through the Redwoods today, and I talked to Lucas just as they hit the California coastline this afternoon.   He said the group was happy to be back on the coast in the cooler air.   I’d also like to amend last night’s post about these guys.   Kevin must have been too excited about Mike’s birthday to realize that the PCBers were reenacting the Lion King in the photo they sent us yesterday.

PCA: Andy and Danika’s crew spent the day sea kayaking and loved having some time on the water after spending the last few days in the Redwoods.

CI: Peter sent us this picture today of the group outside the Prudential Center in Boston.   They had a great day of exploring in the city, and are looking forward to their final dinner tonight before they say their goodbyes tomorrow morning.

CSA: Heidi and Wyatt’s crew had their last day of work on the Refuge today, and played a huge game of soccer this afternoon.   They’re off to San Juan tomorrow morning. Here’s a picture of them at the Refuge with their new homemade Apogee shirts.

ACC:   The ACCers had a long, hot day of riding, but Chad reports that all is well.   They are all now very happy to be inside an air conditioned church and gym.   It’s amazing that these guys are mere days away from San Diego.