Day 37 – Quick Update

A very quick update for you from the field today, friends. Our very last Cape trips of the summer wrapped up this morning in Boston. I had the privilege of being down there to say hi to a few families and to ride back with our leaders. Not only did I get to listen to all of the Top 40 they had been singing with their kids for the last couple of weeks, but I also got to hear some fantastic stories from their time on the Cape. Even after doing this trip three times this summer, each of our leaders continued to have a great time with their kids and with their trips.

I heard from Mike and Annie’s Northwest Explorers today. They are enjoying the many delights of Bellingham, Washington today before bidding civilization adieu one last time tomorrow to get on the water in search of orca and eagles in the San Juans. We’ll hear from them again (barring any more forest fire events) on Thursday. And well down the West Coast, Rachel and Sam’s group is on the road this afternoon, continuing to close the gap between the group and San Francisco. Alex, Lidia and Co. are on the water today in Mendocino — looking for the same sea otters that Rachel and Sam were checking out yesterday.

Our Coast to Coasters have put the worst of the desert behind them. Witness below, however, that the desert has certainly left its mark. That, friends, is a sweet helmet tan. They’re spending tonight in Palm Desert, next door to Palm Springs — it’s pretty odd to be so suddenly in the land of perfectly groomed golf resorts and $100,000 cars after more than 2,000 miles of tiny towns and scrub brush. With only two (!) riding days left, they’ll push up and out of the desert tomorrow. Tomorrow will bring the first signs for San Diego, along with a real sea breeze over the coastal range!