Day 36 – Tearful Goodbyes, Big Trees, and High Fashion

Good evening blog enthusiasts, It’s Mia, again, writing to you from Apogee HQ after a crazy day at the office.   Three trips wrapped up today in the Maine sun, and we have great reports from the field.   Sorry for the lack of a preamble, but we’re going to cut to the chase!

FAILing groups today are:

CQ:   Both Coast to Quebec groups rolled into Freeport today to meet their parents and bid their friends goodbye.   Everyone was glowing about their trips, and I got to spend some time with a few of Hannah and Shem’s kiddos this afternoon! It was sad to see these guys go, but they did mention how nice it will be to sleep in their own beds tonight!

NWX: No word from Anna and Dave (no news is good news) for now we’ll have to picture them with their somewhat grimy but smiling group enjoying their last couple of nights in the backcountry.

PCA:   Andy and Danika’s crew is loving their ride through the redwoods today, I talked to them just after lunch and they were motoring along smoothly.

TSA: It’s hard to believe that Nick and Cait’s group is beginning to wrap up their trip, with their last full day of riding tomorrow!   They had nothing but good things to report from the field today!

ACC: Emily and Pete and our ACCers continue to dominate their mileage, and were done riding at 10:30 am local time today!   They are currently relaxing out of the heat and waiting for our dear director Chad to meet up with them later tonight.  Here’s a shot of the girls making dinner in their room!

CSA: Wyatt and Heidi’s crew did service with the Salvation Army today.     They spent much of the day sorting through toy donations, but managed to take a break and tried on some of the finest in Salvation Army fashion.   Heidi assured me that a few purchases would be made, so some of you luckier readers might see some of these duds again (perhaps in your washing machines)!

DEX: I greeted the DEXters very early this morning, and picked up one of their kids to go to the airport.   To my surprise, as I rolled in around 5:30, EVERYONE in the group was awake (and quite lively) to wish their friend goodbye and to get in one last group hug as an entire unit.

PCB:   Lucas and Anna’s group is looking forward to entering the Redwoods this afternoon and got the hilly part of their ride out of the way early in the day, so they had some flat roads for smooth sailing this afternoon!

CI:   The Capers loved their surf lesson today; here is a picture of them learning how to stand on their boards pre-surfing.