Day 36 – Summer Stunner

Dear Reader, I don’t know about where you are, but it was a stunner up here in the beautiful Mid-Coast region of Maine. Seventy-odd degrees, gentle breeze, and sun shining down through a cloud-dappled sky. Ahh, Maine in the summer… Or Cape Cod in the summer — or the Northern Coast of California — or Washington’s Cascades — or, umm, the Mojave in the summer… All lovely spots on this 31st of July!

Our Capers are now making like Henry James and becoming Bostonians, if only temporarily. Both groups will be in the city tonight before a day to explore tomorrow. Danika and Lucas’ group crushed their mileage today (their hardest day of biking, too) and had some time to wander around Provincetown before catching their ferry. They sent in the charming picture below of their guys living up to Apogee’s “Always Ready” motto. It was all hijinks and shenanigans for Wyatt and Chrissy today, too, over on Martha’s Vineyard this morning. This is the shot they sent me after their kids found their bikes that Wyatt and Chrissy had “stolen.”

Lidia, Alex and their Pacific Coasters were raising their shovels yesterday as they took a day out of the saddle to do community service in Redwoods State Park. Lidia sent me the first picture below — seriously, with smiles like that, don’t you think they should be working harder? Back to work! A day ahead, Rachel and Sam are working the kinks out of a minor mechanical issue and heading back west 2,000+ feet over the coastal range to Mendocino. They’ll be on the coast the rest of the way into San Francisco in just a few short days!

And down in the desert, our guys are enjoying relatively cool temps (it’s only 105 refreshing degrees in Parker, AZ this afternoon!). As I type, Captain Cashman is rocketing over the coastal range and into the desert to meet them this afternoon for tomorrow’s big ride into 29 Palms. Cait sent me this shot of a couple of her “Beautiful Babies” (if you knew Cait, and I hope you get to meet her sometime because she is that wonderful, that moniker would not be remotely disturbing) from the road early this morning.