Day 36: Limericks and Camera Flics

In Apogeeland, things are swell

Hiking, biking, kayaking as well,

Spirits are high,

The summer does fly!

Read on… we have many stories to tell!


Alps Explorer (AX)

In the majestic Alps, under blue skies, 

Our hikers see vistas that mesmerize, 

Amongst peaks so bold, 

The adventure will unfold,

Laughing with friends, time simply flies!

After a delicious breakfast of croissants (not to mention an amazing view of the sunrise!) our Alps Explorers packed up and hit the trail. They hiked to Chamonix and saw their first views of Mont Blanc! And what better way to finish the day than with some gelato.

Caribbean Service (CS)

In the national park, together we stand, 

Preserving the beautiful land,

A gentle island breeze, 

The lush and green trees, 

Perhaps even taking a rest on the sand!

Today was CS’s first day of service! The crew headed to help with trail maintenance and conservation projects in nationally protected land. They had a delicious dinner and, by all reports, are happily adjusting to island life!



Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

In the national park they explore, 

Lush trees, tropical animals and more, 

A white sand beach, 

New friends in reach, 

Relaxing along the idyllic shore!

Our CRMC crew’s morning tour of Manuel Antonio National Park included a stop at an idyllic beach, lush green trees, and jungle creatures! This afternoon, they headed into town to explore, and they’re stoked for ziplining tomorrow!

Europe Coast to Coast 3 (ECC3)

Across a continent they rode,

On their trusty bikes carrying their load,

Now the finish is here, 

To home they are near, 

What strength to us they showed!

Our incredible ECC3ers are on their way home! They just rode through an entire continent – we can’t wait to hear all their stories! What an epic journey.

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

Morning beach cleanup is the plan,

This crew now a tight knit clan,

Time really flew, 

They take in the view,

Before a celebratory dinner in San Fran!

After a morning of service in Half Moon Bay, our intrepid GSA team headed into San Francisco to celebrate and explore! We can’t believe how fast time has flown… we will miss you, GSA!

Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

A morning hike in the wild landscape,

Seeing their photos our mouths are agape,

Bright and green, 

Remote and serene,

Their wild adventure is taking its shape!

This team headed out on a rugged and beautiful morning hike — just look at those views! With the wind in their hair, they looked out at the wild Icelandic landscape. They spent the afternoon prepping for the next few days in Skaftafell Park by grocery shopping and doing laundry. 

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Along the beautiful bay, 

They each wrote a college essay,

Friendships formed,

Writing transformed,

But it is now departure day!

It’s time for our talented writers to depart! After a wonderful week on the Maine coast, they headed home with new friendships, exquisitely written essays, and coastal views in their minds.

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

Conquer Mt. Washington, they dared,

For their hikes, always prepared 

Now they depart, 

With a full heart, 

Together, what adventures were shared!

We are sad to see our NEMC crew depart! It has been an exciting week in the Whites filled with hikes, paddles, service, and smiles. We can’t wait to hear their tales!

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Paddles in hand, together they steer,

River winding, water crisp and clear,

And tomorrow,

Backcountry they’ll go, 

What a thrill, along rapids they cheer!

This crew used the day for some backcountry prep, making sure their packs are ready and that they are stocked up on groceries. It’s sure to be a beautiful few days of hiking!

Pacific Coast (PC)

Continuing south down the Pacific Coast,

The Golden Gate their goal post,

Under redwood trees, 

Pedaling with ease, 

Of fun they are having the most!

Today PC climbed into the redwoods! It was a gorgeous day of riding under the towering trees, filled with jokes and snacks. They are absolutely cruising today and simply crushing those miles!

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

To the sea! In kayaks they ride

Into protected coves, their boats gently glide

Sun and sea,

How jealous are we,

Rolling with the ebb and flow of the tide

What a fabulous day to paddle! This group enjoyed a morning of coastal paddling under beautiful skies. The day contained lots of sunscreen, water, snacks, and dips in the Mediterranean! Then they had an epic scavenger hunt around Sitges and ended the day with gelato. 

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

With wheels ready to hit the ground, 

They will soon be Montreal bound, 

New friends to meet,

Pasta to eat,

In camp tonight they are hanging around!

Welcome, VMA! This crew spent the afternoon playing games, fitting bikes, cooking dinner, and prepping for the epic adventure they are soon to embark on. Tomorrow they hit the road for their first day of riding!

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

Into camp they roll in,

This team ready to begin, 

Now learning names,

playing fun games,

Tomorrow their wheels will spin!

It’s hard to believe that in just under two weeks, this crew will reach Montreal! They set up camp in their first campsite this afternoon, learning to pitch tents, pack panniers, and cook on a camp stove. They played get to know you games, hacky sack, and listened to lots of music. Tomorrow their ride begins!