Day 35: The Adventures of the Apo-Fleet in Outer Space

Welcome to another day in the life of an Apogee adventurer! Each of our crews explored different parts of the galaxy today, and we are so excited to share a glimpse of what their days looked like with you. All of the reports we’ve received here at Ground Control have been out of this world (in all senses of the phrase!). So without further ado… we bring you: The Adventures of the Apo-Fleet in Outer Space!


Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

What would our fleet be without new flying recruits? Our MCJ crew went off to earn their stars by aiding a nearby module (known throughout the galaxies as “Growing to Give”, a nonprofit that grows organic produce for local food banks) with some extra hands! Afterwards, they zoomed off to dock at Portland/Freeport where they navigated through compact streets and gazed at novel Portlandian fares and wares. Tonight, our new recruits will have an emotional ceremony initiating them as space pilots and tomorrow, they’ll be ready to start flying off on their own. They grow up so fast…

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

People know Cape Cod, but have you heard of Nova Cape Cod and the Thousand Islands, based in the outer asteroid belt? Today, our CI crew focused on laundry and a big grocery shopping trip (even in space, laundry and groceries have to get done) to prepare themselves for more remote asteroid exploration. Tonight they’ll be staying at a galactic campground where they’ll go for an evening space walk and play a game of zero-G frisbee before resting up for tomorrow’s adventures. How cool is that?

New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMCA)

Our NEMCA (pronounced nemSa) crew started an early flight towards Brunswick B, a small but growing community located on an outer research post, to help out in the local agricultural module. The extra hands were greatly appreciated as they were able to speedily plant some beets and cucumbers to supply food banks on neighboring planets. They even got a chance to take a dip in the water nearby their accommodations tonight!

New England Mountains & Coast B (NEMCB)

Team NEMCB also traveled through the Milky Way to Brunswick B today! While their partner spaceship headed to the agricultural module, our NEMCB crew motored on to the Adaptive Outer space Education Center. This cosmically-renowned org helps new-to-space residents adjust to life in zero-g with an immersive and accommodating forest simulation.

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

Who knew there were also currents in outer space? Our CRM crew will be riding solar flare currents –  the OS (outer space) equivalent of whitewater rafting. They got started early in the day with transit to an entrance point, launched their exploration pods and spent the rest of the afternoon following the current. Afterwards, they regrouped onto their main spaceship and settled into an evening of food and games. This adventure has given our crew the necessary spirits to continue their voyage through the CRM sector.

Caribbean Service (CS)

After launching from their home planets, our CS team is now assembled and orbiting planet Puerto Rico! They are on a special mission to help the planet’s inhabitants with a wide variety of top secret operations. Ground Control can’t wait to get more updates from this crew.

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Each age of exploration needs a story to tell and our MCC Extrapolation crew is on the task. They spent their morning workshopping what they’ve written so far and later tonight, they’ll take in the vistas for inspiration and continue to write while in their Y.O.R.T’s (Your Outer space Resting Tent). In between, kayaked on the whispering waters of Outer Great Mane where they heard some fascinating stories about the moon they’re visiting.

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Today is arrival day! It is both an exciting but also nerve racking time for our crew members as they meet each other for the first time to get ready to blast off on their journey together for the next 12 days. Entering into the vast forests of Costa Costa, we can’t wait to see what kind of experience this crew will craft for themselves!

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Who needs 5G when you have lightspeed? Our NW Xplorers got a chance to call their eager families back on Earth and update them on what our crew has discovered so far on their adventure in quadrant Western North. In the morning, they kept going on their trek through the Mountains of Marble which are as solid as they sound and stopped by a resupply cache to grab some food to gear up for their 6-day excursion in Cascadia North, a land where it’s rumored there’s a spring that gives people eternal life! One of our intrepid NWXers was talking to Mom and Dad when this snapshot was taken…we’ll catch a glimpse of this elusive explorer tomorrow!

Pacific Coast (PC)

While space is a spectacular place to be, it’s hard to compete with good old Earth. Our Planetary Crew took a break from their modular bikes to take on their challenge of the day: standing up on a surfboard on Earth’s biggest and most powerful ocean. They caught many waves (courtesy of our celestial friend, the Moon) and had a great time together as they surfed at a nearby beach in Crescent City. Throughout the day, our crew opened a secure line to connect with their families back home and shared about the many marvels here on our home planet, Earth.

Alps Explorer A (AXA)

The Alps hold many stories but what about the story of Monty Blanc? Our AXA crew was following the Trail of Monty Blanc, the famed space explorer who first walked this path and laid the foundations of Alpa. They continued their journey knowing that Monty’s spirit was with them and eager to reach a local planet lodging called a refugio, which holds fresh Earth Alpine air and rooms with artificial gravity, so they can sleep on a sound bed. Bonus: after a long stretch of freeze dried meals, they’ll be treated to a warm home-cooked meal! (and they might get to try some on-planet staples).

Alps Explorer B (AXB)

Now that our AXB crew has adjusted their legs to their gravity boots, they encountered a tough stretch of hiking today with anomalous weather hanging over their path. Nonetheless, they persevered and continued their way down the expressway of Alpa, seeing some hovercraft on the road. As we speak, they’re enjoying some hot chocolate to warm themselves up and taking a well-earned rest to prepare for tomorrow’s journey.

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)


Huge congratulations to our fearless space explorers who have successfully completed their bike-lander trip across Europa. Beginning in the Land of Nether, the lowest part of Europa, and ending in Ital-1a, they’ve traveled more than 1150 miles on their trusty bike-landers with their own two feet! (and maybe a little zero-g). I’m sure our ECC folks will be happy to give their legs some well-deserved rest and take a break from the many bumps on the road. Many salutes and heartfelt goodbyes were exchanged today but maybe the crew will meet again on another expedition?!