Day 35 – Eat, Ride, Love

Greetings dear readers!   As Chad so poignantly noted in last night’s entry, I, Mia am your humble scribe for the next several days.   Chad took off this morning to visit the good old ACCers, and will be supporting them through the desert and seeing them to their finish at the beach in San Diego on Wednesday.   There are ten trips in the field right now, and three of them are enjoying their final meals together tonight before goodbyes tomorrow.   Here come the details:

We’ve got a few FAILures today, unfortunately (for those new to the blogosphere, this means Fotos Are In Limbo).

CQB: These guys are soaking in the charm of Quebec’s old city today, and they’re loving every minute.   They caught some extra z’s and slept in a little this morning before enjoying a big breakfast together in the courtyard. They are heading out to dinner tonight to celebrate their last night together, and will hop in the van tomorrow morning bright and early for their journey home.

TSA:   All is well in Italy!   We heard from Chad’s brother today who spent the day photographing the group on their ride.   It’s somewhat ironic that the day they have a photographer with them is the day they FAIL to send us a picture…   Anyhow, they had a beautiful day today and the last we heard was that they were heading out to watch the sunset together.

NWX: Dave and Anna’s group is still incommunicado, enjoying the peace and quiet of a world without cell phone reception.

And for the groups with photos:

ACC: I just talked to Emily, who said their group had a wonderful day off yesterday, and today they rode 100 miles BEFORE LUNCH! Yes, you read that right.   Our ACCers are rock stars, dear readers.

CI: Peter sent us this picture a little earlier today, and said everyone is doing really well.   This group did some mini golfing this afternoon and apparently piggybacks were in order afterwards. Peter happily informed me that they have only two more nights left camping out in the elements on their whole trip!   Everyone is psyched for surfing tomorrow!

CQA:   Laura and Pat’s crew is also loving their time in Quebec City, and will have a final dinner together tonight.   They sent us two pictures today, and I’m including them both so you can see a little bit of where the group spent some of their day today, and also some faces!

PCA: Andy and Danika’s group are shredding their big 60-mile day of riding today, here’s a shot of them at lunch.

PCB: Lucas and Anna’s group is doing community service today in Eureka, CA.   They’re enjoying a break from the bikes today, and will pick back up with a 55 mile day tomorrow!

DEX:   Mike and I had the pleasure of visiting with Josh and Nora’s crew this afternoon!   The group dynamic was great, and everyone was psyched to head into Portland tonight for their final dinner together.   Before we left, these guys gave us a humongous (and probably 2-3 minute in duration) group hug that was somewhat smelly (it was pre-showers), but warm and loving nonetheless.

CSA: These guys are loving life in sunny sunny Puerto Rico today.   I had a nice chat with Wyatt, who said that although their group is still mind-blown from their manatee dissection yesterday, they had another great day of service today.   They did mostly trail maintenance before heading to the playa this afternoon!   The group bought some window markers and beautified their van, as is featured below behind the CSA girls.