Day 34 – Fond Farewell

So this Saturday, yours truly (Kevin) is catching an early morning flight to San Diego. I’ll be slinging loads of water and salty snacks to our ACC group as they cross a particularly hot and dry part of the country — the Mojave Dessert. I’ll also stick around to watch the group reach the Pacific Ocean in San Diego next Wednesday. It’s a pretty cool/inspiring/wonderful thing to witness. 6 weeks of hard work, hot temperatures, and long days ending with an adrenaline fueled run into the warm waters of southern California…

Anyway, this will be my last (of the relatively few) blog entries I’ve actually done this summer. I leave you in the able hands of a much more talented writer/blogger (and cheeseball…did I just say that?) — Mr. Chad Olcott. Chad has taken on the lion’s share (and then some) of updating the blog daily/regularly this season. So any and all credit to keeping you well informed of your son and/or daughter’s well being on trip goes entirely to him.

So…not a lot to report today. The ACC and PC1 spent the day relaxing and doing some community service work — ACC is Prescott, AZ at the Boys and Girls Club, PC1 in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. ACC is pictured below after a bicycle mechanic clinic they put on for the kids.

Northwest Explorer is deep in the backcountry of North Cascades National Park. We should hear from them on Sunday when they emerge from the woods.

I saw David and Anna’s NEMC group today in Brunswick. They looked great — excited by the day’s paddle on the New Meadows River and looking forward to a final dinner in Portland tonight. They wrap up tomorrow.

No word from PC2 (Alex and Lidia’s crew) today, but they will be spending tonight at the same campground as PC1 (Rachel and Sam). I’m sure it will be fun for the two groups to connect after a few days of being staggered by a day of riding.

Both of our Coast to Québec groups enjoyed their final day together exploring the great city of Québec. Tom Olcott, Chad’s brother and a very fine photographer, spent the last couple of days with the groups photographing their time in Québec. He particularly spent a lot of time with Corley and Andy’s group (CQ2A). He had an absolute blast with their crew, and was actually quite sad to say to goodbye to them yesterday. For pictures, Jess (from CQ2B) sent us the below shot of a few of her girls doing some shopping this morning in town. Both groups get picked up in Québec tomorrow and are shuttled back to Freeport to meet up with parents and say their goodbyes…

And last but not least, the Cape groups. Wyatt, Chrissy, and the CI3B crew are on Martha’s Vineyard for the next two days exploring and doing service. Lucas, Danika, and their merry bunch (CI3A) will do some surfing in Wellfleet tomorrow. All reports are very positive and upbeat! Below is a picture of the CI3B crew hamming it up at the beach this morning.