Day 33: August Has Arrived!

By: Yours Truly, Michael and Gracie

Rabbit, rabbit! As we tear down another month from our calendars and dive into August, we can’t help but reflect on how wonderful July has treated our Apo-trips across the world. We’ve had groups climb many a mountains and hills, dig incredible amounts of holes, slap together stacks of PB&Js and share in lots of laughs and conversations around nightly campfires. We are so excited to see what August has in store for the Apogee world!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI2): Henry and Grace’s CI crew had their first day on the bikes today as they headed over to Martha’s Vineyard. After a 5-mile ride to the ferry, the group arrived on the island to ride a quick 2-mile ride to the campground – and work in a subsequent trip to the beach. The group is looking forward to their community service day tomorrow.  CI3

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC2): After a delicious dinner in Portland last night, Julia and Andy’s crew wrapped up their trip today outside of Boston. We will miss this NEMC group, but we are confident they will keep in touch. We hope to see these kiddos on more Apogee trips in the years to come.

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA2): The CSA-ers met up today for the first time in San Juan and made their way out of the city where they will begin their first service project tomorrow. The group is excited to finally be in Puerto Rico and experience all the incredible culture and natural beauty the place has to offer – starting with this afternoon’s van ride out to the karst hills above Utuado.CSA3 CSA3

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA2): VMA enjoyed its first day with a solid 21 miles of riding on rolling terrain. Having conquered “The Wall” today, by far the steepest hill on the trip, the group made its way to a campground on a beautiful mountain lake. The group is situated in between the Taconics and the Green Mountains, two separate mountain ranges that run parallel along the state of Vermont.

Typical Apogee kids – staying up to date no matter where they are…


Vermont to Montreal B (VMB3): This VMB group hit the tarmac today for their first ride of the trip. The group put in 15 miles, beginning their trek north. The crew is settling in nicely and adjusting to the weight of their bikes and the demands of bike touring. They stopped at Lake Bomoseen for a beautiful place to unwind from the first day, what a incredible intro to VT!VM2B

Coast to Quebec A (CQ2A): At the rate that these coastal cruisers have been cranking out miles they should be keeping the Tour de France in their sights! They crushed their first day of hills at a steady rate of 12 miles an hour- now that’s a crazy strong squad (or skoowad, as they like they like to call themselves). They’re chasing the shining beacon of the iconic Pemaquid lighthouse, which is where they’ll catch some beautiful views of the rocky ocean this evening.


Coast to Quebec B (CQ2B): After flying around Freeport yesterday these CQBers were revved up and ready to send it to this evening’s destination near Wiscasset! They took a pitstop by our office in Brunswick on the way and were full of smiles and camp stories already. Racking up miles like champs!


Montana Service Adventure (MSA2): These Montana mongrels entered the great iron gateway to the Rocky Mountain front today – yeehaw! They cruised into Choteau and had dinner with the beautiful backdrop of the Rockies behind them. Ahem, is it too late for us to sign up for MSA? Enjoy the art shots, below…


Northwest Explorer (NWX2): Splashing around yesterday, stocking up today, stoked for tomorrow! After having a blast rafting, these explorers took today to tone their arms and legs with a brief day hike and trip to the grocery store to load up on back country supplies (grocery bag arm curls, anyone?) They’re getting amped for their week-long escapade in the Washington woods beginning bright and early tomorrow.   NWX2

Pacific Coast A (PC2A): With Miley Cyrus’ melodious voice coaching them up this morning’s cliiiiiiiiiiiimb, PC2A was rewarded with a delightful descent right into the redwood forests. To add to the day’s monstrosities they also biked by the logging legend Paul Bunyan himself. We wonder if they also spotted his trusty companion Babe – a big blue ox would be hard to miss!     

Pacific Coast B (PC2B): Totally tubular times were in store for these cycling compadres – they traded pavement for the Pacific ocean and went surfing! After finding that they were ripping on the waves (surfing lingo for “absolutely crushing”) they retired to the beach to enjoy the remainder of their rest day.


Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX2): Bagpipes were strapped tight to these highlander’s backs during today’s hike – there was to be no wasted air during their conquer of the Devil’s Staircase! Historically named for how difficult the terrain was for soldiers to trek up carrying road building materials, this SHX2 crew conquered the apogee of Scotland’s West Highland Way. It was all downhill afterward as they made their way to Kinlochleven to cool off from the Scottish sun (this may be the first time we’ve said this all summer….)  and cook up some stir fry dinner.


Alps Explorer (AX2): Our AX-ers enjoyed hiked a shorter day today along with some nicer weather — a welcome break. After navigating a series of ladders on their hike today, the group hunkered down in a hut tonight deep in the French Alps. They fell asleep to the lullaby of the winds whistling through these impressive mountains and past their wifi-less refuge – we shall have to wait until tomorrow to see their shining faces. 

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC): Benvenuti a Venezia!! We could not be more excited to report that our ECC trip has arrived at their final destination in Venice. After conquering hundreds of miles, thousands of feet of climbing, and plenty of delicious European food, the trip has earned its success many times over. The group crushed their ride today, arriving in at the Adriatic by 1:30 PM local time. They celebrated their success with a fitting Italian dinner of pizza and risotto. Now the group’s only remaining task is to explore the city and soak up as much European charm as possible in the short time they have remaining.ECC


America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1): Hopping from Pine to Prescott today was nothing but a rolly ride in the refreshing AZ mountain air (truly not bad there!). After knocking off a good chunk of mileage today these ACC1ers arrived into camp with big appetites and even bigger hearts as they prepare for their day of service tomorrow. The plan is to dedicate their final off day before San Diego (!!) to teaching kids about bike mechanics at a local boys and girls’ club – what a way to give back!


America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2): This ACC2 crew hightailed it to Heber today after an early morning of crushing miles and capturing some beautiful AZ skies. They also encountered some good ‘ole service and were able to send in some photos from their latest adventures in the Grand Canyon State. Looks like the last couple of days were to pie for (get it? Cause they went through Pie Town? Ha!)!

Cloudy with a chance of gorgeous AZ greenery today!

ACC2 ACC2 IMG951592 ACC2