Day 32: The Name’s Blog. Apo Blog.

It’s time for another mission status update from here at Apogee HQ in Brunswick, and we’ve got plenty to fill you in on! With 20 trips out completing their designated assignments all over the world, reports from the field have been plentiful and top-notch all around. Our trusted informants have given us this top-secret information to relay to you, so use it wisely…


Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

These brand-new agents got to spend their first full day in their new HQ today: Acadia National Park! They went on a mission to complete the best day hike possible, and reports from the field say they absolutely succeeded – they crushed their hike of Jordan Pond and their climb of the South Bubble! Tomorrow, this stellar team will graduate from the hiking academy and hop on their bikes to explore Acadia’s famous carriage roads.

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

Our all-star CI squad took their mission to the water today! They boarded a getaway ferry early this morning that shuttled them over to Nantucket for a day of investigating the beautiful island. After a picturesque lunch in Nantucket Center, this crew got back on their bikes for an afternoon exploration ride. They’ll take the ferry back to Martha’s Vineyard for the evening, and where there are whispers of some killer-good pizza for dinner…

New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMCA)

These stealthy spies are learning the terrain of the White Mountains like the backs of their hands! They all hopped in the van this morning (no, sadly not an Aston Martin) to transit over to Bartlett, NH, for some new challenges. They spent their day enjoying the beautiful weather while on a day hike of Mount Jackson. We can’t wait to see what mission they conquer next – rumor has it it might be Mount Washington! 

New England Mountains & Coast B (NEMCB)

We gathered a group of our best and brightest agents to take on the White Mountains, and NEMC3B has certainly shown up! This team dashed on over to Bartlett, NH, today to get a different view on their terrain and to tackle some new assignments. Up first was a stellar day hike this afternoon! Word on the trail is that they may be training for a very important mission: a potential summit attempt of Mount Washington in a couple of days!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

We’ve all imagined lowering ourselves down secret-agent style to complete a mission (no? Just me?), but CRM actually got to live out that dream today! This stealthy squad got to practice their wall-scaling skills today (a very important ability for secret agents to have) with a rock climbing session out of Estes Park! In addition to climbing, the crew got to receive some mail from their headquarters back home. Tomorrow, they’ll take on a day hike in Rocky Mountain National Park!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Today was a big day of intelligence gathering for our MCCE team! In order to complete their mission of having excellent essays by the end of the week, the group spent the morning consulting with their writing guru, Leah, about effective ideas and edits. After doing some recon work at Bowdoin yesterday (see the photo below!), the squad set their sights on Bates today. They spent the afternoon in a workshop with an associate dean, where they got the inside scoop on the college admissions process. Reports from the field say they’re excited for their community service assignment tomorrow!

Plus, an extra photo from yesterday!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

It was this DEXA squad’s last full day together before parting ways tomorrow, and they were determined to make the most of it! The crew paddled back to dry land early this morning before loading up to make their way back down the coast toward HQ. They got to spend their afternoon scoping out the souvenir scene in Portland and ended their evening with a delicious celebratory dinner out on the town. Well done, DEXA – we knew we could trust you with this mission!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

These intrepid DEXB agents took off on a quick day hike and swim this morning before stealthily tracking their sister group into the city of Portland. There, they spent the afternoon exploring, shopping for souvenirs, and soaking up their last hours as a unit. Tonight, they’ll celebrate their success with a dinner in the city! Congratulations on a well-executed mission, DEXB!

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

Now that VMA has reached the final stop on their epic journey, it’s time to celebrate! These agents of the road started their day with breakfast at their hostel and then took to the Old City for some gift shopping. Their assignment? To find the best souvenirs, of course! Along the way, the group even stopped at the Montreal Basilica, which looks straight out of a movie. Like all good agents, VMA isn’t scared of trying new things – like having poutine for lunch! Tonight, they’ll enjoy more of the amazing cuisine Montreal has to offer when they celebrate their last night together with a dinner on the town.

Poutine for lunch – yum!

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

It was a mission success today for VMB as they made the most of their last day together in Montreal! This star-studded squad started their morning early with a delicious breakfast at their hostel before going to scope out the city of Montreal. On their hit list: a picnic lunch on the river, lots of baguettes, flower crowns, and the wonders of the Old City. Sounds like a pretty ideal assignment if you ask me! Hopefully they got a view of Mount Royale along the way (sorry, couldn’t help the Bond reference). They’ll get to enjoy even more of the city tonight with a dinner out as a group!

California Mountains & Coast (CMC)

It was time to pack up and report back to headquarters for CMC today! While we’re sad to see these outstanding agents move on, we know that their time together will make them an asset to whatever team they join next. Congratulations, CMC – we’ll see you in the field again soon!

Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

While AKMCA may be feeling sentimental and thinking that now is No Time to fly (again, couldn’t help myself), all things must come to an end. This crew completed their mission to a tee, and we couldn’t be more proud of them! Safe travels home, AKMCA, and make sure to use those ice-climbing skills for good!

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

With their mission successfully completed, it’s time to bid adieu to the powerhouse team that is AKMCB. While we’d love to keep them around, the time has come to live and let fly (couldn’t resist this one either), and we can’t wait to see them spread their wings! Congratulations on a fantastic trip, AKMCB!

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Our fearless NWX squad is about to perform one of the most important maneuvers secret agents have: dropping off the grid. These brave agents spent their morning stocking up on supplies and stretching their legs for their two-night excursion into the Hoh Rainforest backcountry. Once they were all suited up and ready to go, they headed out! They’ll spend the next two days under (tree) cover, exploring the magic of one of the world’s most spectacular temperate rainforests. We can’t wait to see the photos when they report back!

Pacific Coast (PC)

Our cycling agents stationed out on the west coast had an awesome day of riding today! They continued to check out the beautiful coast of Oregon, logging another 38 miles on their bikes today. While today may have been the longest ride of the trip so far, these super spies used it as a training mission for tomorrow’s assignment: a 49-mile ride down the coast – nearly a half century!

Alps Explorer A (AXA)

Our AXA(gents) are now hot on the trail of the Tour du Mont Blanc! They’ve spotted plenty of cows (who might or might not be undercover informants), witnessed breathtaking views for lunch near the Aletsch Glacier, and covertly rode up the mountain in cable cars where they finished their glacial trek with a hike to the village of Bettmeralp. How cool is that! Our agents will continue to be on the move tomorrow to Martigny, where they’ll prepare for their showdown with the TMB.

Looks like someone might want to tag along!
New friends!

Alps Explorer B (AXB)

Mission objectives for today: transit to Trient, moving forward to France, and starting to ascend the Alps. Check, check, and check! These Alps agents started to scope out the Tour du Mont Blanc with a 2.5 mile hike to their campsite for the night. They’re ready to check off the major objective of their mission: hiking around Mont Blanc! We’re excited to follow their trail as they continue onwards with their second day of the tour tomorrow.

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

THEY MADE IT!!! After many weeks of hard work, our European agents arrived today in the city of Venice, the backdrop to centuries of intrigue and marvel. They rode in style cruising down the hills of Italy and ferrying their way to their hostel in a water taxi (while wearing cool shades and a gentle breeze blowing through their hair, obviously). Our agents will set base for the night and tomorrow, they’ll embed themselves into the city through their cover as roaming cycling adventurers – who knew we’d fit the role just right! Word has it they’re gathering plenty of intelligence to pass onto their partners on ECC2, who will arrive tomorrow.

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

The sun is beginning to set on this European adventure, but not just yet. Our riders are still in the field with their penultimate day of riding, descending through the Italian countryside today on a smooth 48-mile ride. Now that the bulk of their mission is behind them, our agents are ready to relax and celebrate their hard work and determination. We couldn’t have asked for better agents! Tomorrow, they’ll ride into Venice and celebrate their incredible accomplishment of biking across Europe! No pictures today, but we’re sure to get plenty from their celebration tomorrow.

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

Mission complete! Last night, they had a team debrief and recounted the twist and turns they encountered and walked on their path towards mission success. Any doubts about the courage and capacity of our agents are now put to rest, and these now-expert hikers are en route to rendezvous with their loved ones. Congratulations, PMC!