Day 31: We Live for This

On my run this morning there was a cloudless sky, the smell of trees and the salty inlets of Casco Bay, and a cool breeze coming off the water. While Chad and I (Susie) hold down the fort here at HQ on this perfect day, Kevin and Chris are driving to Vermont to start VM3. Those will be the last trip starts here in the east, and just one CMC start will remain–amazing how quickly time flies during an Apogee summer. It is absolutely the most fabulous day to be out on trip, and with wheels, boots, paddles, and work gloves ready, our trips are just loving it. We live for this.

Without further ado:

NEMC: After getting off to a great start, Phil and Emma’s crew is hitting the team-building at the Browne Center! They have spent the morning working on their communication and balance–this afternoon it’s the high ropes!

NEMC NEMC(3) IMG_2280 IMG_8648 IMG_0557

CI: Onward to Martha’s Vineyard! After getting to know each other last night, Kirk and Laura’s Cape Codding crew is headed to the islands. Here’s a shot of the group on the ferry this morning:


DEX: Our DEXters are in the backcountry! Garrett and I dropped them off at their trailhead yesterday, and the weather was slightly less than ideal. The good news is, it’s a beautiful day today! They won’t have good enough service to send a picture from the trail, but here are some shots I took as they went out yesterday:

DEXYou know you can take your leader’s demonstration very seriously when she’s wearing a lobster hat…


CQA: Lizzy and Ben’s group is on their long ride to Jackman today–it’s a beautiful, remote ride with the reward of a day off the bikes for a raft! I spoke with the leaders earlier today, and though they’re doing great, the 3G isn’t strong enough for pictures… We’ll have to wait until they hit Canada!

CQB: Last night Posie and Postyn’s group celebrated a birthday, which means cake! They had the good luck of being in Dexter where they had an oven to bake with! Below are two shots of the group with their cake–one smiling and the other with the “owl face.” …The kids will have to explain that inside joke when they get back… Today it’s up to Greenville! Here’s hoping for a Moose sighting today!


VMA&B: Today’s the trip start! Woohoo!! And a perfect day, at that. Here are group shots of Rosa and Noah’s VMA and Victoria and Matt’s VMB at their start:

IMG_0839 IMG_0840

CSA: I’m bragging about the weather here in Maine, but let’s be real. CSA beats it out, easily. Hannah and Dylan are headed to Vieques with their crew of hard-working adventurers, ready to do some great service on the beautiful island off the eastern coast of the main island of Puerto Rico. Here’s a shot of some of the group on the ferry:

IMG_1570 IMG_3073

PC: WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA!! State line, people! These power-bikers are just cruising and have now crossed into Cali on their way to Eureka. Ally also sent some amazing pictures from the beach on their last night in Oregon. Plus, there was ice cream. Awesome. Ride on!


NWXA: Kelly just texted me pictures with this message: “BACKCOUNTRY WAS EPIC!!!” I think the three exclamation points and beautiful scenery speak for themselves, folks. These intrepid travelers even got to celebrate a birthday in the backcountry. They have some day hiking and rafting to do before heading back on the trail. Enjoy the pictures!

IMG_2607 IMG_2569 IMG_0276

NWXAOh hey, Goat!

NWXHappy happy happy birthday!

NWXB: Mia and Jeremy’s group is in the beautiful backcountry of the North Cascades, so we won’t be getting a picture today. I know, I know, the waiting for backpacking pictures is long! But let me tell you, it’s worth it for them to enjoy the wilderness, and the photos will be stunning once they are done!

ACC1: Breaking news!  Just heard from Nick that the group is safely into Heber, AZ for the night.  As of press-time, they haven’t been able to sneak a picture through the interwebs, but we’ll post one if we get it!

ACC2: Mike sent me some beautiful shots from the road bright and early today! The group is on their last day of riding in New Mexico before crossing into Arizona–the second to last state line. Hard to believe, isn’t it…

ACC2 ACC2 (2)

ECC: We got a message from David this morning that the group is safely into their Bassano del Grappa for the day. It’s a small town with no wi-fi at the campground, so there aren’t pictures, but tomorrow they will ride into Venice! WOW!!