Day 29 – Quick Updates

Good morning, Apogee-aniacs! After yesterday’s late-night posting, I suppose I’m trying to balance things out with an AM post today. My sense of balance and order aside, I’m also addressing the reality that with another Massachusetts trip-start today, I’m not likely to be able to sit down at the computer again today. Just a few quick reports have come in so far this morning…

Our soon-to-be short-term Canadians are crushing the hills that stand between them and the border. Corley and Andy sent in the below shot of their group’s riverside rest-spot – they’re in the middle of a tough day up to Jackman, but they get to look forward to a day off of the bikes and on the river tomorrow.

It was, how shall I put it?, damp on the Cape last night. OK, it was downright soggy. But both groups are making the best of it, and putting bike flags to alternative uses, as the below shot from Wyatt and Chrissy demonstrates. I’m sure that Chrissy’s double-thumbs up from under the tarp is 100% genuine – wouldn’t you agree? The good news is that the rain has cleared out and both groups should enjoy great weather for the next few days.

And thousands of miles to the south and west, our cross-country Dynamos were back in the saddle before dawn and making their way up to Datil, NM. Nick and Cait sent in the below shot of their, as Cait put it, “beautiful babies” in the New Mexico morning.