Day 29: Cool as Cucumbers

Hey there folks — you’ve got Susie and Chad team-blogging today. It is a very cool day up here in Maine and boy, is it a relief. Even on the trips with much warmer weather (cough, CSA, cough), Apogee students are rockin’ on with a high level of style, keeping cool as cucumbers even when the weather is not-so-cool. Let’s take a look:

CQA: Lizzie and Ben’s group had a lovely ride up to Dexter today–it’s a gorgeous day and and the scenery is awesome. Plus Dexter means laundry day! Yippee!


CQB: Talk. About. Style. These guys have it figured out. From the sweet shades to the Apo jerseys to flowers to Apogee decor for bikes, CQB knows how to look good and stay cool. 

IMG_4968 IMG_2392 IMG_2801

We don’t know what substance was used to create this, but we like it…

DEX:  Today was the day for DEX’s traditional Cadillac Mountain sunrise hike.  It entails getting up at 3:00 AM, hiking up with headlamps, getting there in time for the sunrise (below), and then promptly falling asleep on the rocky summit…. (also below).  These guys will be leaving the coast behind tomorrow as they head up to the Appalachian Trail’s 100 Mile Wilderness for three nights in the backcountry.

IMG_20130725_045516 IMG_20130725_073754

CSA: Hannah and Dylan’s crew had a great day doing cleanup at a local beach–service and beach time in one shot, what could be bad? I just spoke to Dylan and he said something about root beer floats…mmmm….  Here are a couple of representative shots of their life in PR today.


That’s right, fellas, nothing impresses the ladies like a black trash bag and the old tongue-sticking-out pose…


CMC:  CC called this morning, just barely post tears, as the last of her kids had gone through security.   Jack and CC absolutely loved their group and are already in CMC2 withdrawal.  As we type everyone is in the air and heading home…  Here are a few of the last pre-TSA-check students this morning.  


NWXA: Kelly and Garth’s group started their first two-night backcountry hike today way out there in Olympic National Park.  No news is good news until they emerge on Saturday! 

NWXB:  Mia and Jeremy did indeed find an elusive pocket of cell-phone receptivity – and we are the beneficiaries.  The weather they’ve got out there right now is just unbelievably nice…  These guys are on the river today – we’ll try to post some shots of their ride!

IMG_9609 IMG_0102 IMG_9217

PC:  Oh, I’m sorry – just another picture perfect day on the Pacific Coast.  If you haven’t been, we would highly recommend a trip to the Oregon coast.  It really is this nice.

IMG_1504 IMG_1507 IMG_1516

Not sure about the photo-stitching here, but it’s still a pretty cool shot…

ECC:  With only three (!) riding days left, our ECCers are living the good life in Ora, Italy.  We include two pictures – one new, one older.  The first is of the group enjoying some refreshment along the Adige River bike path this morning.  The second is the “selfie” that David sent us during his May scout trip from the pool at tonight’s campground…

IMG_8062 IMG_9644

La Dolce Vita in Ora…

ACC1:  It’s a gorgeous day for riding as Nick, Alexis and their Irrepressible Monsters of Miles eat up the road between Socorro and Datil, New Mexico.  And re the picture, they’re riders – and they are men and women of fashion.


Choose your own caption.  I’m sure there’s a heck of a story here – I just don’t know what it is…

ACC2: Ladies and gentlemen, these speed-demons were in Socorro by lunchtime today! Here’s a shot of some of the crew looking very successful. Three cheers for the old red, white, and blue!

2013072595113734 (1)