Day 28: 28 Days Later

By Will Vietze

Guess who’s back, back, back, back? Back again? Will Vietze is back. Tell your friends!

Howdy, pals! I am so excited to be writing the blog for you once again. I spent the past week howling at the moon, rolling through Acadia, investigating bugs, answering peculiar questions, and exploring the deep blue sea with our Maine Coast Junior Gang-a-lang. After a beautiful week in the field, I am marginally tanned and imbued with a childlike sense of wonder. Despite the chilling title, there is no zombie apocalypse to be had on this finest of Wednesdays- only open vistas, enchanting forests, lush jungles, ebullient  smiles, and one particularly aquatic Italian city. Buenissimo!


Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

The islanders wrapped up the nautical nonsense today, having explored the cobbled streets of Boston yesterday. I imagine they engorged themselves with Boston’s finest beans and clams last evening, but I really have no idea what was on the menu for these Capers. Congrats, crew!

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

NEMC summited the formidable peak of Mt. Washington on foot this morning – a whopping 6,289 ft! While countless others drove up so they could put a bumper sticker on their car – Kudos to this crew for their incredible accomplishment!

Peep the face paint!
“This car climbed Mt. Washington”
On the way up or down? Your guess is as good as mine

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

According to leader, Tim- the mountaineers had a “hip to the jive” day hiking to Big Meadow. They spotted five moose (meese) along the way and hydrated copiously. Awesome!

Pretty fun stuff going on here
Can you spot Grubes?
Thats one big meadow!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA)

CSA ferried back to Old San Juan to enjoy a final meal together. To commemorate their time on Vieques, the group painted each other’s nails – stylish! If you haven’t yet, please watch Guy Fieri describe mofongo, one of Puerto Rico’s most iconic dishes.

Trivia: What shade of nail polish did they use?

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Yung Herman Melville and the essayists continued to craft exquisite sentences while gazing out upon Maine’s wild coast. Call me Ishmael! The afternoon was spent on trail maintenance with the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust, our friendly office neighbors.

Not pictured: Microsoft Word Documents
Not pictured: College

Maine Coast Photo (MCP)

Our beloved photographers wrapped up a National Geographic worthy week of light capturing and coastal exploration. As I type these very words, they are probably accruing record setting likes on social media platforms we’ve never even heard of. Huzzah!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

The DEXA squad tackled Mount Katahdin’s iconic peak bright and early today, with support staffers Olivia and Ezra in tow. Katahdin is the highest peak in Maine – lurking at over 5,000 feet – this was the big challenge climb for our Downeasters – way to go! Unfortunately not enough service for photos today, but we’ll hope to get some stunners tomorrow. Word is: Ezra’s hair flowed majestically in the mountain air.

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

DEXB continued their lifelong search for the great white whale in Maine’s Isle Aut Haut Bay. They settled for a smattering of friendlier sea beasts and impeccable scenery. They spent the afternoon cleaning up the beach to preserve Maine’s pristine coastline. Thanks team!

Will they ever leave?
Overheard: “I speak whale”
Keeping Maine pristine one beach at a time!
You know where to find them if they never leave
Yung Jacques Cousteau on the track!

Vermont to Montréal (VM)

The Vermontrealers headed south, back across the border after their mystical quest to Montreal. After an evening of celebrations in Montreal – it was bittersweet farewell this morning! Word is: after leading two VM trips, Emma and Carter are conversationally fluent in English (got you there!).

A noted lack of poutine out there
Where’s the poutine?
Ah there it is! I was getting a little worried there
More more more! Somebody get me a poutine IV
Magnifique! Such candid smiles
Apo Swago on fleek (what the kids say)

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS)

CRLS soaked up that pura vida, observing sloths in the jungle and impersonating sloths on the beach. Word is: sloths are slow… Another magical day in paradise!

Pretty similar to my lunch spot today
Let’s go to the beach, beach
What is the sloth doing? Eating slowly? Yawning slowly? Speaking Spanish slowly?

California Mountains & Coast (CMCA)

Surfs up bromigos! CMC Avocado sliced and diced tasty swells in California’s famed Half Moon Bay today. Leader Shannon can’t stop quoting Keanu Reeve’s acclaimed Point Break. This crew is looking super cool as they get ready to ride the waves!

Radical! Gnarly! Cowabunga! Most excellent!

California Mountains & Coast (CMCB)

CMC Bagel did their best to steal some waves from their surf crazed counterparts – also on the water today, enjoying the sun and the surf on the picturesque and perfect California coast! Word is: Jared is considering frosted tips to gain more acceptance in the surf community.

We are riders, on a mission, action kids in play position, Rocket Power!
Easy brudduh!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA)

MSA rolled into Three Forks before noon today and spent the rest of their day exploring the town (is it known for forks?)! With a good day on the bikes in the books – It sounds like a smooth start to their wild west adventure!

Yeehaw, cowboys and cowgirls! That’s a slick cycling hat, Nick!
Cue the tumbleweed
Yippee ki yay!
The very desert Billy the Kid ate every night

Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

The NWXA squadron prepped for their backcountry excursion into Olympic National Park and even had time for a warm-up day hike up the Hurricane Hill trail. Soaking in these incredible views is just a teaser for the days to come! Word is: Joby is prepared to catch a salmon with his bare (bear) hands if the opportunity arises.

Thumbs up if you came here to see where Twilight was filmed
Post swimming like salmon in wondrous waters
Overheard: I wonder if the mountain goats had a grunge phase

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

NWXB enjoyed some mystical views from Thunder Knob – stretching their legs and seeing a taste of what spectacular sites the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Sean prepped them with a delightful mix of Fleet Foxes tunes to fully capture the essence of Washington. They are stoked to raft tomorrow and prepare for their jaunt into the backcountry.

Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh- Fleet Foxes
I was following the, I was following the, I was following, I was following the- Fleet Foxes
Can you tell I’m going to a Fleet Foxes concert tomorrow?


Pacific Coast (PCA)

PCA crushed the “Seven Devils,” a series of formidable hills that eat lesser riders for breakfast. Grace reports: “The Seven Devils have got nothin’ on Hydration Nation.” Note: Hydration Nation is not officially recognized by the UN.

Atop the Seven Devils
Life’s a beach!

Pacific Coast (PCB)

PC Bacalao got burly early, crushing a formidable hill out of the gate – another awesome day of riding for this crew. Miles continues to embrace the West Coast lifestyle and hopes to share his love of surfing, blonde hair, beards, avocados, and In-N-Out Burger with the group.

Scottish Highland Explorer (SHX)

Our Highlanders had a, shall we say, damp day on their way to ole’ Inversnaid. They were, however, greeted in Inversnaid with tea, cards, and tweed blazers (maybe). I’ll leave you with the whimsical words of Tom Bryan: “Woke up this mornin, crawled oot o bed, keeked oot thi windae pane, Aw naw! Rainin again!”

Nothing quite like the warm embrace of a trashbag raincoat
“Purple rain, purple rain”- Prince
Where’s the tweed?

Alps Explorer (AXA)

AX Alpinapple hiked up to Trift and around a ridge, soaking up views of the Matterhorn throughout. No updates on the cheese scene yet – but we sure are impressed by the views!

Sassy Dave pose
“I am sixteen going on seventeen” Rolf and Leisl
Looks like a grouchy sorceror turned Isa and Dave into Alpine goats!
Nevermind, there they are!

Alps Explorer (AXB)

AXB yodeled their way around Zermatt in search of fondue and views (fondviews). They are excited to head to Martigny to prepare for the Tour du Mont Blanc – woohoo!

Can you spot Jessi?
Stay tuned for Nick’s whimsical shirts


Europe Coast to Coast (ECCA)

A monumental day for this group -ECCA rode from Borso Del Grappa to Fusina to ferry over to Venice, a city known for its scenic canals. After many borders crossed, mountains traversed, and languages fumbled through, they finally made it to the Adriatic – to their final destination. Congrats gang! You deserve all the pizza in the world!

On a new coast!
Give those legs a rest!
Word is: Red spoke a magnificent Italian sentence before this picture
I think you’ll see this one on the Apogee website in the near future

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCB)

ECCB rolled down from the mountains and were met by a Mediterranean breeze as they rode their biggest day of mileage yet into Fusina. From there, they ferried over to Venice – at long last! Here, they celebrated all they’ve accomplished, and feasted upon Italy’s finest export. Woohoo! You made it coast to coast!

I want pizza,- P-I-Z-Z-A
Ah the sweet sweet smell of victory and stagnant canal water

America Coast to Coast (ACC1)

ACC1 continued to literally consume miles for breakfast, brunch, lunch, siesta, dinner, and desert. They rode into Socorro and are ready to enjoy a much deserved rest day tomorrow.

America Coast to Coast (ACC2)

ACC2 rolled into Roswell, New Mexico to inhale some shakes before attending a pool party hosted by some gracious folks in the area. Word is: the pool was actually a UFO and the party was an abduction. Woah…

Pre UFO abduction