Day 27: It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Welcome back to the Apogee Blog, and wow, do we have some awesome stuff going on today! Five of our trips woke up in the backcountry today, and while some returned to civilization, a few more are preparing to head into the BC tomorrow. Additionally, we’ve got sunrise hikes, European border-crossings, and a few groups resting up today to prepare for their next adventures. With so much going on, it’s time to check in individually with each to see what’s happening!  


Caribbean Service (CS)

Today was a transit and rest day for CS! After lots of hard work, they packed up today to take the ferry to Ceiba. After getting settled into their lodgings, they did some laundry and rested up before a night of fun. Tonight, these students will trade in their gardening clothes for their dancing shoes, because it’s time for Salsa lessons! Que fabuloso!




Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

DEXA deserves a massive round of applause for finishing up their backcountry portion! After breakfast and a short hike off the Appalachian Trail, it was time for laundry and ice cream. After relaxing in the park, the group made their way to Baxter State Park for a night under the stars before their challenge day tomorrow: Mt. Katahdin awaits! With such a big day, DEXA wasn’t able to get photos in before they lost service in Baxter, but we can’t wait to get some fabulous photos from them soon! 

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

It was a big day for DEXB. They started the morning early (2:45 AM, to be exact!) with a sunrise hike up Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, which makes them the first people in the USA to see the sun today – pretty cool! They celebrated with bagels and naps at the summit before hiking down for a well-earned brunch. After that, it was time to get prepared for their backcountry adventure starting tomorrow. If these photos don’t make you want to go climb Cadillac Mountain with 11 of your new best friends, I don’t know what will!





Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

The VMA crew is having a well-deserved day off the bikes today. After riding into Burlington yesterday, the group set off in their sea kayaks to explore Lake Champlain with their guides. From the water, they could enjoy the views of  Vermont and New York State. In the afternoon, some rain came through, which the group avoided by going to see “Minions: The Rise of Gru” near the campground. Afterward, it was back to camp for a cookout!





Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

Today was a (relatively) short day of riding for our VMB group! After 12 miles of beautiful bike path riding into the city of Burlington, the group set up camp before playing some cards. As a storm rolled in for a bit, the team went to the movies to see “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On” before making a tasty dinner. They closed out the day along the beautiful shores of Lake Champlain!







Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Our friends down in Costa Rica are enjoying another great day at RACE ecolodge. They spent the morning doing a few hours of service, then had some fun in the afternoon exploring the rainforest. Tomorrow morning, they’ll hike out of this beautiful backcountry location, so they are soaking it up while they can! Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog for pictures when they have service again! 

California Mountains & Coast A (CMC)

Our CMC friends also finished up their backcountry section today! After a few nights out on the beautiful beaches of Point Reyes National Seashore, they hiked out and are celebrating with some treats and relaxation. The group was able to treat us all to some extra pictures from their backcountry expedition before making their way to their new campground!









Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

The AKMCA team left their hiking boots behind for the day as they volunteered at the Kenei Watershed Forum! There, they worked in a community garden picking up monofilament fishing line, snipping canary grass, and picking the invasive toad flax plant. Afterward, they started preparing and packing for their kayak adventure tomorrow. Nice work all around, team!



Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

AKMCB finished up their first section of backcountry hiking in Chugach today! After their rainy journey past Icicle creek, through a forest and alongside the Eagle River, they arrived back to the van. Then they got some snacks, resupplied in town and enjoyed some well-deserved showers at camp before bed. It’s back into the backcountry tomorrow–this group is nonstop! 




Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECCA)

Today was quite an exciting day for ECC1. Not only was it possibly the most beautiful day of riding of the entire trip, but they had TWO border crossings today. The group started in the foot of the Alps in Landeck, Austria, and crossed into Switzerland for the middle of their ride before crossing their last border into Italy. That’s right, folks, Italy. ECC1 has made it to their final country of their trip, ending the day in the charming town of Glurns! Tomorrow, they’ll have a rest day and then it’s just a few more days of riding before they reach Venice!




Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECCB)

Today marked Day 21 for ECC2, which can only mean one thing: ALPS DAY! Although it was a challenging day of riding, the unbelievable views got the group pumped for an unforgettable day on the bikes. The group kept their spirits high all day as they took breaks along the way to enjoy the scenery and take some fabulous photos. Safe to say, they had a rewarding and successful last full day in Austria – I mean, see the evidence for yourselves!





Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

It’s day two on the Carros de Foc trail for PMC! They continued to soak in some great views today, especially from the top of Pic del Portarró, where you can see the whole northern half of the CdF. They ended today in another refugio, all cozied up in bunk beds after a yummy dinner! 




Tune in tomorrow to see what’s next for our intrepid adventurers!