Day 27: Apogee Alliteration Edition

The heart of the Apogee summer continues, and it sounds like it might just be the best one yet! Backcountry adventure, alpine riding, kayak explorations, and new countries fill today’s blog. All across the world, we are hearing similar sounds of excitement and adventure from all the groups. Read on to find more about the amazing adventures occurring throughout the Apo-verse. And as you do, search for a sprinkling of similar sounds scattered throughout the site.

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Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

My oh my it’s time to resupply! AKMCA did some stellar shopping in Seward to supply their sweet padding adventure tomorrow. Extremely exciting! The group is smelling clean and fresh after a laundry stop and they were hyped to pick up mail. Amongst all their activities they still had time to relax by a mountain lake!

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

AKCMB is back from the beautiful backcountry, but going back into brilliant backcountry tomorrow. This crew just can’t get enough of those rugged remote trails. Resplendent turquoise lakes and tall pines guided the group back to their van. A quick resupply today before more tranquil treks tomorrow!

California’s Coastal Mountains (CCM)

CCM2, where are you? You got some laundry to do now! The gang made their way back to their 15 passenger mystery machine this morning having officially cracked the case of the backcountry exploring beaches, trails, and spotting some wildlife. Although the group will miss the serenity of Point Reyes, they are hyped for Big Sur, big surfing, and big service in the day to come. Rou Rock Ralifornia Roastal Routains!

Caribbean Service (CS)

Following some morning service work in the hills above Utuado, CS said see-ya to central PR, shuttling and settling in at their final location in the northeast corner of Puerto Rico. Sunny skies shone down on the group during their morning work, hike, and beautiful drive. This amazing crew looks forward to helping out at a nature preserve tomorrow morning!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Dear CRMC, we have to be honest we are a bit jealous – yet another day working in magical paradise! Today the group spent their morning planting trees before an afternoon of painting rocks. This sweet squad also swam, saunaed, and soaked up the sun. Tomorrow CRMC packs up and travels to Uvita with snorkeling in their future!

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

Saying goodbye to Austria already!?! ECC1 just keeps cruising. We can’t believe they are crossing into Italy tomorrow. But before they head into the final country of the trip, the group had a much deserved day of rest in Landeck. These rockstars were revived by the rushing rivers before retiring for some rest. ECC1, you rock!

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

Woohoo! ECC2 crushed their biggest pass (over 5000 feet with 30 switchbacks) today in the Austrian Alps. The cross continental crew conquered the climb with confidence and class – we love the matching jerseys! The group was rewarded with dramatic views as they came over the pass and celebrated with delectable hot chocolate and french fries with their lunch. Absolutely breathtaking! ECC2 will enjoy some much deserved relaxation tomorrow.

Europe Coast to Coast 3 (ECC3)

ECC3 rode through country number five today! Liechtenstein greeted this awesome group with stunning mountain vistas, beautiful alpine lakes, and quaint villages. The peaceful pitter-patter of precipitation made a few brief appearances as the riders pedaled back into Austria for some rest and relaxation. Tomorrow the outstanding group climbs high into the Alps!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

Another of our groups headed back to their van today, smiles beaming brilliantly from having an absolute blast in the beautiful backcountry. DEX collected mail and did some shopping as they look ahead to heading into Baxter State Park. What can’t this excellent group of explorers do?!

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

PMC has yet another possible Apogee of their trip – literally. With the sun shining, this superb squad summited a peak. Clear skies, crisp mountain lakes, and craggy rocks surrounded the hikers on their epic trek. More beautiful hiking tomorrow for PMC – living the dream!

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

After two amazing days of kayaking, volunteering, and exploring Burlington, VMA continued their tour north to Grand Isle. On their way they were lucky to enjoy the shores of luminous Lake Champlain once more. They stopped for lunch under puffy clouds and blue sky with mountains in the backdrop. This cool crew cruised confidently into camp and you can count on their Canadian crossing tomorrow!

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

Some wild morning weather caused a shift in plans for VMB, but the day was as awesome as ever. Who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast? The group flexed their puzzle-solving muscles with an escape room and the afternoon was a Burling-ton of fun (see what I did there?). They ventured through Vermont’s very vibrant village, exploring the shops and parks. A Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster was consumed in all its delicious glory and the group even met the Vermont Lake Monster mascot.