Day 26: A Mix of Rhymes and Pics

By: “I Invented YouTube” Tim Gruber and “Drop the Bass” Grace Wright

[Ed. Note: NWX, PC, MSA Parents – we’ll get first day pictures up as soon as possible – the good news is that the groups are all gathering without any significant problems this afternoon out west!]


After celebrating all things Christmas like Santa’s sleigh,

Here we go again with the slickest of updates on a Monday!

From new faces on trip starts to places unexplored,

Our trips and this blog report will not leave you bored!

So go ahead, read about your child and his/her group’s progress,

And know that we too are equally impressed!


Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE2): A morning in Polar Bear country was the first thing on the agenda for this writing group

A big thanks goes to Kat from Bowdoin for giving them the college essay inside scoop.

An afternoon session with writing expert Jaed proved productive as well

To celebrate narrowing down topics they scrambled up some breakfast for dinner – doesn’t that sound swell!


Cape Cod & the Islands (CI2): No more island hopping for these kiddos, they’ve taken their last ferry over to Bean Town

They got to churn more than just their stomachs as their bikes hit the Boston ground.

Adventures await them as they relaxed and planned out tomorrow’s day of rest

With only a few days left together we’re sure they’ll report back with quite the quest.  CI2 CI2

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC2): The White Mountains were calling these NEMCers by name

So they answered by summiting Mt.Willey – a first day feat, worthy of fortune and fame!

With whistles and boots round neck and foot

They collectively soaked up the gorgeous New Hampshire views, just look at the photographic output.  

nemc2 DEX2B DEX2B

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA2): School may be out for the summer, but these helpful hands found themselves back in the saddle,

Fixing furniture and slapping on layers of paint were among the services in which they dabbled.

After feeling confident about their mark left at the Caribbean elementary school,

They took the afternoon to unwind at the island’s beach – which sure beats the pool!


Vermont to Montreal A (VM2A): Well VM2Aers, it’s time to get ready for the bright lights in the big city

Today they cruised in to the bustle of Montreal, and said goodbye to the endless farmland, which was beyond pretty.

The buildings began to outnumber the hay bales, the sounds and smells started to change

They’ll be able to investigate it all with their upcoming rest day, and undergo a true foreign exchange. VM2B   

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX2A): 

Day two of becoming one with the woods for this backcountry crew,

Not only did they summit Rainbow Mountain, but caught a glance of Mt. Katahdin, too!  

Once into camp they fueled up and let loose, became a little silly,

For tomorrow they leave the AT and prep for their challenge in Baxter State Park- which will be quite hilly!     


Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEX2B): They’ve seen it all, now that they’ve claimed Katah-DONE

So these explorers prepared to take on another adventure – this time in the sea and sun.

With the highest Maine peak behind them, they motored to where their island home came into sight

Dreaming of kayaking the ocean blue tomorrow surely capped off their great night!


Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS2): Even with proper hand washing, the green thumbs can’t be scrubbed off of these Spanish Samaritans,

They continued to weed out rainforest gardens with a little muscle and a lot of love – the perfect medicine.  

Tomorrow they will reenter the world of cell service, much to the office’s and parents’ delight,

Their next stop is a park full of monos and perezosos (that’s monkeys and sloths, did we get our Spanish right?)


California Mountains & Coast A (CMC2A): What time is it? California challenge o’clock!

These hikers climbed 2000 vertical feet without a complaint, they did not pause to balk.

What a way to conclude their last day in the woods of Yosemite

We can’t wait to see the incredible views from Tuolumne Peak- good thing photos last indefinitely!


California Mountains & Coast B (CMC2B): No headlamps were needed last night for these kids with soon-to-be kayaking careers,

For glowing bioluminescence lit up the water for them and was (according to their guides), “The best they’d seen in years!”

Now it’s onto Tomales Bay, a famous oyster port,

Perhaps they’ll be able to slurp down a few before having to report back to land as a cohort.



Montana Service Adventure (MSA2): From near from far our MSA2ers convened in Belgrade

A great dinner tonight they shared, did I mentioned it was homemade?!

Then tomorrow morning onto their bikes as they begin their service work

‘Twill be meaningful, eventful and require a bit of teamwork!

We bid you best of luck as you commence this adventure

Your hard work and good service to many will bring great pleasure!


Northwest Explorer (NWX2): Ah, the sweet crash of the ocean, the whistles and clicks of whale stomping grounds,

These all reached the ears of the freshest batch of NWX as they arrived at Puget Sound.

They dove right into intros with name games and A’s and P’s,

In no time they’ll be wowed by the sights of Olympic National Park, quite happily!


Pacific Coast A (PC2A): We shift our sights to the other coast

But please, not on the blog, it is not the time to boast

About beauty and nature, the grandeur abound

We’re so happy you all arrived safe and sound.

A great dinner tonight with tons of laughs for sure

Then we’ll dash away tomorrow on our way to San Fran and all its allure!


Pacific Coast B (PC2B): Welcome one welcome all from your travels westbound

PC2B convened tonight in this lovely California campground!

Like their counterparts, they too shall awake with the sun

And begin their trek onward to where Buster Posey hits home runs!


Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX2): Here we go once again into the Scottish Highlands,

We fly in from across the globe, to convene in Millarochy Bay and shake hands!

Gear checks,stir fry dinner, and games tonight in Lomond

Fingers crossed the sun comes out every day again and again!

They made it to Loch Lomond, oh my! What’s that delicious smell? It must be their dinner of stir fry!



Alps Explorer (AX2): Nothing really matters more than the outrageous views this AX crew got to see of Matterhorn

Guess it’s one of the perks of starting off in Zermatt, where a ride in a ski lift can get you airborne.

But these rising Alps experts will be shouldering packs, not skis

Stay tuned for their Swiss adventures, of exquisite hikes and eating Italian salads from Capri.  


Europe Coast to Coast (ECC): Though the sun has now set on our friends across the pond

We couldn’t grab a pic before they were overtaken by yawns.

They pedaled their bicycles into the Alpine village of Gaschurn,

Surrounded by mountains and and green spaces at every turn!

We’ll be sure to find a photo tomorrow for your eyes’ delight,

But for now, they’ll sleep under the Austrian stars tonight!


America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1): They pedal onward down the open road

Until they reach their day’s destination and humble abode.

Their legs pumped and pedals cranked ‘til they saw the light of Carrizozo

Up early again in the morn for tomorrow, where they’ll pedal on to the town of Socorro!


America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2): Oh what better joyous news to share on a Monday

For our Apogee trip that’s biking cross country!

They courageously crossed the border into New Mexico

Though fatigued and sweaty, their faces were aglow!

They’ll stay the night in Tatum, resting their tired legs

A great day of biking in a nutshell

Stay tuned tomorrow, when they arrive in Roswell!

The heck with it – let’s just walk the rest of the way!