Day 26: Lovely Limericks

Welcome to Day 26! For those of you who remember Day 13 (looking at you, ECC), we’re taking things up another level from haikus – it’s limerick day! We hope you have as much fun reading about all these awesome adventurers as we did writing about them. Now, about those sonnets…


Caribbean Service (CS)

Another morning in great Cabo Rojo

Doing maintenance to help all the plants grow

A day in the sun

Will always be fun

When you’re with all the people that you know!

CS had almost as much fun in Cabo Rojo today as we had writing this blog! (Key word almost – we had a lot of fun.) They spent the morning doing some trail maintenance and painting projects before taking the afternoon to relax by the beach and make some phone calls home. Tomorrow, they’ll say adiós to Cabo Rojo when they board their ferry to Vieques!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

Fun backpacking day on the trail

And soon they’ll emerge to get mail

The AT is great

Baxter Park awaits

Our DEX kids can’t stop, they prevail!

DEXA had a full day of backpacking on the northern Maine section of the AT! They even got their first good view of Katahdin from the trail today. They’ll hit the hay early tonight so they can get up early tomorrow and hike out of the backcountry for their rest day before heading to Baxter State Park. Since they are deep in the wilderness and have no access to cell service, we will just have to wait with anticipation for all of their cool photos to come!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

Acadia park is exciting

With hopefully some animal sightings

The sunrise all pink

But it’s gone in a wink

These explorers will find it delighting

After a few days of kayaking, DEXB is back on the trails! Mikey, Chase, and the group are enjoying one of Maine’s most beautiful natural wonders today: Acadia National Park. They completed a day hike of the Beehive today, spent some time exploring Bar Harbor, and then headed to bed early to hopefully see the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain tomorrow.

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

To the city of Burlington they go

Cycling past all the Lake Champlain flow

The Green Mountain State

Is ever so great

Our VMers are bike-packing pros!

VMA has made it to Burlington! This crew cruised through an easy 12-mile ride into Vermont’s biggest city today, where they got mail, some well-deserved rest, and most importantly, a Ben and Jerry’s Vermonster!  Tomorrow, they’ll trade their bikes for kayaks when they paddle along Lake Champlain.

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

It’s 28 miles today

For this trip that’s just biking away

They rode into Shelburne

Took the showers they earned

And saw lots of farms on the way!

VMB took a 28-mile ride today to end in the town of Shelburne. While the ride was a bit hilly, the team did a great job and worked together to get to camp and celebrate their biggest day of riding yet. Awesome job, team!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Volunteering in a garden this morn

The rows of vegetables they will adorn

Tortillas they’ll make

Then a break they will take

Will they be made of flour or corn?

CRMC had a big day of fun! In the morning, they did some community service at RACE, where they helped to build a hydroponic vegetable garden. That means that there isn’t any soil involved – just water! Afterward they learned how to cook tortillas before prepping for an evening hike in the rainforest. There’s no service in the rainforest, which means no blog pics, but we’ll be sure to have some great ones in a couple of days!

California Mountains & Coast (CMC)

CMC has entered the backcountry

With their bear spray, their food, and their bungees

Oh, the sights they will see

Near Point Reyes Beach

Where all of the nature can run free!

CMC has officially entered the Point Reyes backcountry! They loaded up their packs and took for the wilderness this morning, kicking off their last backcountry stint. While we might not able to get blog pics from them for the next few days, we know they’ll be enjoying their off-the-grid experience!

Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

These students deserve some rest

After their long hiking quest

Warm showers they’ll get

And mail (can’t forget!)

Isn’t Alaska the best? 

It’s a rest day for AKMCA! After hiking out of the rainy backcountry yesterday and enjoying some delicious pizza, the team is making their way to Seward to begin the next leg of their adventure: community service, kayaking, and a glacier tour. Nice job, team!

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

Out in Chugach State Park

The backcountry trails are all unmarked


Will surely be free

To be the next Lewis and Clark! 

AKMCB has begun their first backcountry experience! The crew packed up and headed into beautiful Chugach State Park this morning, where they crushed a 6-mile hike of Crow Pass. Tomorrow, they’ll hike out and resupply for a longer backcountry adventure!

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

It’s Alps-crossing day for this trip

If you think they’ll be stopped, get a grip!

Their day was just epic

They’re very athletic

Through so many countries they’ve zipped!

After entering the Alps yesterday, ECC1 enjoyed a beautiful 43-mile ride today crossing through the mountains. After their epic ride, they ended in Landeck for snacks and time to relax in camp. What a day!

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

Team ECC2 can’t be stopped

Into Lichtenstein they quickly popped

In Austria they end 

With each of their friends

A ride in the Alps can’t be topped!

It’s a big day for ECC2! Not only will the group enter the beautiful Alps today (though, sadly, they won’t see our AX friends) – they also had the opportunity to add a few extra miles on for a quick border crossing! After stopping in Lichtenstein and celebrating another country, ECC2 rode into camp on some lovely bike paths.


Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

The PMC team put on their packs

To follow the Carros de Foc tracks

They’ll keep going up

Until dinner they’ll sup

With breaks in between for some snacks

Here we go! It’s time for PMC to take on the CdF. This crew woke up bright and early this morning to pack and prep for their upcoming time on the trail and then got to work! For their first CdF day, the group conquered some challenging uphills while enjoying the beautiful scenery. They also got a chance to celebrate a birthday! They weren’t the only ones on the trail either – the trip bumped into a group of 9-14 year old from Denmark and everyone became fast friends! 

HBD on the CdF!