Day 24: So Long, Farewell…

If you couldn’t tell by the title of today’s blog, we said farewell to several of our trips today; in fact, FIVE, to be exact! While this means that today saw more than its fair share of earnest goodbyes between new friends, those groups will all go forth with incredible memories and firm bonds from their shared experiences. And let’s not forget that each day is a new day to learn something new or embark on a new adventure – and that moment should be seized at every opportunity! Let’s check in on how our other trips were making the most of their days in the field!


Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

It was a bittersweet day for our CI folks! They were happy to be returning to their warm, comfy beds, but so sad to be leaving their newfound friends! Ta-ta for now and we’ll see you next time, CI!

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

Another set of goodbyes occurred in New England today, when our NEMC’ers wrapped up this morning! They laughed, they cried, they hugged their parents and hit the road back home, on to their next adventure.

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

Just another Monday? That was definitely not the case out in Colorado today, because it was another Denver airport day! Our CRM crew shared some heartfelt goodbyes before walking in slow motion down the jetbridge, as the scene on their Summer ’22 Apogee Adventure faded to black.

Caribbean Service (CS)

Hello MTV, and welcome to CS’s new crib! Today, these super servicers packed up and left the beautiful town of Utuado behind for the charming beachside village of Cabo Rojo, where they’ll call home for the next three days. Some may say the beach is the best part, but I’d beg to differ – our CS crew has a pretty sweet set-up with a patio, pool, and outdoor kitchen! We can’t wait to hear about all the delicious meals they cook up while enjoying the views. They spent the afternoon on the beach today, soaking up the sun and taking time for some R&R before they get back to work tomorrow with some trail maintenance.





Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

Gooood morning, DEXA! While the rest of us were fast asleep (at least I was asleep – looking at you, night owls!), our intrepid Downeast Explorers were conquering Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. They had a 3:30 AM (!!) wake-up call this morning in order to summit Cadillac by sunrise, and boy was it worth it to enjoy the first sunrise on the eastern seaboard! Just look at that incredible light! After such an amazing accomplishment in the morning, this crew spent their afternoon relaxing and doing some important preparations for tomorrow, when they’ll begin their three-day backcountry adventure on the Appalachian Trail. We can’t wait to see what they take on next!





Plus, some extra pictures from yesterday! Since DEXA is headed into the backcountry, we’re loading up on all the pics we can get now!




Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

It’s day two of their kayaking expedition, and we can say with confidence that DEXB has gotten their sea legs! These weathered seafarers did some good ol’ fashioned island hopping today as they built up their paddling muscles. Out on the islands, the group did community service work with the Maine Island Trail Association, doing some trail maintenance projects. After all their hard work today, they’ll be treated to another night of island camping before riding the waves back to the mainland tomorrow. Once they’re back on dry land, they’ll change gears and head for the hills in Acadia National Park!







Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

Easy, breezy, beautiful: VMA. I have a feeling VMA might be stealing Covergirl’s slogan soon with the type of days they’re having! Today, the crew cycled 17 miles through the quaint college town of Middlebury, riding by lakes (first Lake Champlain sighting today!) and scenic farmland and even under one of Vermont’s famous covered bridges along the way! They zoomed right along and weren’t even bothered by the rain that began as they made it into camp. Reports from the field say they’ve got a cozy pavilion to shelter under, card games to play, warm showers to take, and breakfast to be made for dinner. Sounds like the perfect rainy afternoon if you ask me!





Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

After an awesome, impromptu bike mechanics session last night (see below!), our VMB crew suited up and rolled out of Lake Bomoseen bright and early this morning. Rumor has it that the group conquered some pretty big hills today, urged on by the delicious and nutritious power of clementines. A little rain could never stop this crew, and they fashioned a stellar tarp to eat lunch under, which kept them dry. Pretty impressive, if you ask me! Tomorrow, the gang will get the pleasure of riding into scenic Middlebury and across even more of the iconic covered bridges of Vermont. Ride on, VMB!





Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Have you ever heard of a day hike that this CRMC group didn’t absolutely crush? Neither have I! These explorers have hit their stride and are tackling whatever is thrown their way, from day hikes to laundry. After their beautiful hike this morning, the gang was able to get some clean clothes and make phone calls home in preparation for their upcoming stint in the Costa Rican rainforest. Tonight is their last night in San Gerardo de Rivas before they head for Rainforest Adventure Center Expeditions tomorrow, and I guarantee they’re making the most of it!




California Mountains & Coast (CMC)

Point Reyes National Seashore is a well kept secret in the California backcountry and this CMC group is here to uncover all its secrets! Today, CMC entered Point Reyes with big dreams for their next four days along the coast and even bigger smiles on their faces. When you look at these amazing photos, you might be asking what else is on their faces – it’s blue zinc sunblock! How cool is that? Not only are they taking care of their skin, but they’re doing it in style! The group spent the morning getting prepped and then hit the trail for Day One of their first backcountry section of the trip! They’ll come out of the BC tomorrow with big ideas for their next Point Reyes backcountry adventure after that!





Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

Another day, another darn good backcountry hike for AKMCA! The crew headed into the backcountry today, trekking along the incredible Williwaw Lakes Loop of Chugach State Park… and fortunately for us, they were able to send us a blog pic before leaving cell service! Along the way, they found breathtaking views and more team bonding! Tomorrow, these explorers will emerge from the backcountry and use those incredible navigational skills to locate some well-deserved showers and rest.


Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

There are a lot of cool things about the great state of Alaska (pun intended), but maybe the coolest is all of the incredible glaciers (pun intended again). And even cooler? Our AKMCB group got to hike one today! These warm-hearted adventurers took on some chilly temperatures today as they hiked up Exit Glacier, and they were even treated to a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience as they got to take on the ridiculously awesome activity of ice climbing. As if their day couldn’t get any better, the crew got to pick up some mail on their way back to camp as a nice reminder of all the love we’ve got for them back here in the lower 48. Next up, they’ve got a day of rest in preparation for their backcountry expedition. Because of the time difference, they didn’t get off the glacier in time to send us pics, but we’ll update this section with photos when we get them!

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

More bittersweet goodbyes today for our NWX crew! After spending 20 days together and 7 nights in the backcountry, this crew is sad to say goodbye to their new friends, but ready to say hello to their beds (and showers)!

Pacific Coast (PC)

After making it to the golden city of San Francisco yesterday, our audacious bikers began another journey today – the journey home! While it’s always sad to say goodbye, I’m sure our PC friends will be happy to take a break from their bike seat… at least for a little while!

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

Willkommen in Österreich, ECC1! Our superstar ECC1 crew rolled into Austria today, marking country #5 on their pan-European adventure. They rode an impressive 71 miles today through a lovely variety of scenery – along the Bodensee, through the German and Austrian countryside, and along beautiful bike paths. Not only did they cross into a new country, but they also hit another big milestone – their first Alps sighting! 





Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

You may think that the fact that ECC2 rode through Germany’s Black Forest mountains today means they got slowed down by the hilly ride… But nothing slows down these all-star cyclists! They breezed through their 42-mile ride today, soaking in their last full day in the beautiful German countryside. Tomorrow, they’ll cross into their fifth country of the trip when they cruise into Austria! Viel Glück, ECC2!




Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

While every one of our trips is living the dream each and every day, PMC is contending for the top spot today. This lucky crew kicked off their dreamy day with a day hike out of Port de la Selva in order to get their legs ready for their upcoming trek of the Carros de Foc trail. After their rewarding and gorgeous hike, the group had a tasty lunch and then took a siesta by the coast. Per their trip leaders, it was a “super bonito” day. I’d have to agree!