Day 24 – Marvelous Monday

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s been a great day in the Apogee world, and I, Mia, your guest blogger of the evening am holding down the fort while Chad heads down to Boston to help wrap up the Cape trip, and Kevin takes a well deserved afternoon off.   In the field we have several trips in their beginning days, and everything is running smoothly.   Enough with the preamble, here comes the news!

TSA:   These guys sent us several photos today.   They are beginning their biking and cruising along in the beautiful Italian countryside.   Here are a few shots, (please note the friar in the foreground talking on his cell phone and holding what I think is a bible).

CQA:   Laura and Pat’s crew are moving along with their riding, and sent us this wonderful group shot today.

CQB:   I had the opportunity to visit with Hannah and Shem’s group briefly this morning before they powered into camp by 11:30am!   We’ve got some speedy riders in this group; watch out Apogee records: I predict some upsets!

CSA: Wyatt and Heidi’s group is off to a great start!   There was a national holiday in Puerto Rico today, so they were unable to do their planned service activity.   Instead, they very thoroughly cleaned the bunkhouse where they will be staying for the next few days as a service to the park.  This afternoon they went for a hike to a tower where they could get a great view of the rainforest, and got a waterfall massage on the way down.   They are now heading to the beach to catch some rainy waves.

CI:   Cape and the Islands wraps up tonight with a final dinner and dessert circle.   This group had a great time exploring Boston today, and will bid their new friends tearful goodbyes tomorrow.

DEX:   No word from Josh and Nora’s group today, because they’re enjoying their time on the water!  Here’s a picture from a couple of days ago, it looks like they’re having some spirited beach time!

VM: Amidst some morning rain, this group cruised into camp early and in time for some afternoon sun!   Rachel and Mason say their kiddos are doing great!

ACC: We are happy to report that our Coast to Coasters are back on their bikes today! They crossed into (not out of, as the image indicates) New Mexico today, and through another time zone.   Back in action, and hopefully with no more bumps in the road, they are full steam ahead!

NEMC: Our first group of NEMC’ers said their goodbyes this morning, and are all happily sleeping in their own beds this evening!