Day 23 – Right Back At ‘Em

Sam here, as we are exiting the eye of the storm. A quiet five trips yesterday was accompanied by four trip starts today, as the excitement ramps back up here. Soon we will be back to full capacity and all around the world, but for now we just have news from nine trips!

CI: Perfect weather on the Cape led to a great surfing experience today, and successful too! They are excited for one more day of biking tomorrow before they end out the trip in Boston.

VM: And the award for spelling Apogee with things other than pen and paper goes to Pat and Julie! Last time was pretzels, this time is shadows (hint – it’s upside down…), but both are pure Apogee-nius. Oh yeah, and a gorgeous shot of the group by the lake!

CQA: Ninja and name games means nothing other than round two of the CQ trips! Despite Chad failing to take a games-played-in-circles shot at his trip start, we luckily got one from both of the CQ groups, a staple of any trip start day.

CQB: Also taking off from Freeport Library today, the group is still waiting on one airport arrival but then will be a full group ready to hit the ground running (or biking) on their way to Quebec.

NEMC: A high-energy group made for an awesome trip start as the group hopped into the van and is now on their first ride of the trip, as they make their way to Durham tonight. Below is the entire group before sitting down for the journey.

DEX: Word from CC and Jack is that they had a perfect first day of kayaking. Stunning conditions and an enthusiastic group resulted in a great day on the water, and they are looking forward to spending the night on Isle au Haut Bay, where they will be camping the next couple of evenings on the islands.

CMC: The fourth trip start of the day, Jillian and Tim met their whole group in the airport today (see below) before hopping in a van and taking off for a local campground to spend the night, before they embark on their two-night sea-kayaking epic adventure tomorrow.

ACC1: Another century ride from this group will bring them into Brownfield tonight, but only after a quick snack in the back of a grocery store. A hilly morning turned into a flat afternoon as the wind died down today, leading to great (although a little warm at 94) riding conditions for the group to cruise in.

ACC2: I’m afraid Mike and Danika pick up a couple of photo-lacking demerits today.  But they’re still in Texas – and it’s still hot!  They had a shorter day (it’s all relative…) today, but are now in good ol’Throckmorton, TX, and still pointing west every day!